Baby Ceremony

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Baby clothes for weddings

Has it ever happened to you that you have a wedding and you don’t know how to dress a baby? With these little ones things get complicated since they need comfortable baby clothing as well as being safe for their skin. But if the occasion is more formal, surely you need baby ceremony clothes. In addition, children’s wedding dresses deserve special care and that is why we give it to them, manufacturing each set in Spain with Spanish fabrics. If your baby is a girl, you may be looking for girl ceremony dresses. Keep in mind that these dresses can also be adapted to your baby in case you need it.

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We also have a special section if you are looking for cheap baby ceremony clothes, you will see how you discover great surprises.

Ceremonial suits for babies

Babies who are almost children can be at a difficult age to dress them elegantly. You always have the question of whether you want the outfit to be more childlike or more like a baby. You must choose what you want the little one to look like and from there choose from among our garments. In the Quémono collection you can find baby ceremony jumpsuits, ceremony short skirts, flower bloomers, baby blouses, ceremony bonnets, and other guest suits for wedding.

Each baby ceremony outfit can be combined with the brothers’ clothes. Our idea is that all children wear the same color, coordinated, but always maintaining the essence of their age or personality.

Baby girl ceremony dresses

The age you want to appear is also important in girls. It seems that being a wedding dress, there is no other option, but the truth is that there are much more baby options than others. We have several proposals for baby ceremony dresses, but the truth is that you can adapt any of our girl ceremony dresses so that your baby fits perfectly. And what do we do to make it a baby dress for a wedding? Very easy, first of all we raise the waistband, to make an empire cut, which is much more childlike. Second, to make it a party baby dress, it is shortened to reveal the baby panties. We like the length of the wedding baby dresses just below the diaper cover. That way, you can’t see her bottom unless the girl bends over. However, like all our models, this can be customized to make it shorter.

Ceremonial clothing for children

For children there are also more childish or more baby options. Babies one year old or older can be dressed in linen Bermuda shorts with straps, with a mandarin collar or shirt collar, creating a grown-up look. You can even put a baby bow tie on it!

For more childish outfits, you can also choose the baggy pants with straps, with a plumeti cotton shirt, which is super cute! Another option is to opt for one of our boy’s frogs, in which you can also choose the color so that it matches the rest of the children’s deposit.

Diaper cover

The baby culetines are the perfect complement for the suits. For girls, it can always be worn under dresses, and it looks beautiful with printed summer dresses. For boys, they look lovely with the lion dotted shirts with a ruffle around the neck and can be used for the coolest summer looks!

Remember that you can buy all the accessories so you don’t have to worry anymore about the look of the little ones

Baby rompers

Every detail of the garments is designed so that the baby is comfortable. For this reason, all our frogs open at the bottom for diaper changes, the fabrics are natural such as linen and cotton, with the choice of print and color but always in flattering tones for the babies in the house.

Another very fashionable option is baby overalls, what we call toads, a very comfortable option to dress babies in ceremony clothes.