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Christening is a very important date in the life of a baby. A baptism defines him from the moment he is born. You just have to realize that the same name of that person is given there, at the baptism. Read more

Therefore, it is key to know how to dress your children on that day. Don’t you know how to dress him? Talk to a brand advisor and choose the best model for your child.
Here you will mainly see modern clothes, but there are also classic models. In general, the designs are very original.

Modern christening clothes for boys

If you want christening clothes with a modern look, you’ve come to the place you were looking for. The advisor you are going to talk to knows a lot about christening clothes. The design of these clothes has a simple and fresh touch, which seeks to maintain the purity of children. All this without losing that formal and elegant touch typical of a day like this.

The events where these types of garments are used are a tradition. But this does not mean that babies have to wear very formal clothes. With clothes like this, children can lose their essence. Children are children, and they feel better with more modern and not so formal clothes. They feel free to play and enjoy the event. The baptism is focused on the child, so the key has to be that the child has a good time and is comfortable.

Once you know that, keep in mind that here we have a wide variety of skirts, christening suits, and similar outfits. In this online store you will be able to buy the clothes you are looking for for your baby’s christening. In the same way, on this website there are hoods, sashes, and other decorations. It’s okay if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Write in the chat and receive help. On the other side of the chat there is an advisor who will tell you what will be best for your girl. Remember that you can make changes to the model. Change the sleeves, the fabric, the length, etc. In the same way, if you do not see what you are looking for, the advisor can tell you if you can buy it here or not. If you prefer to see the model in person, come to the store in Madrid. In this way, you will be able to see and touch the fabrics.

Christening skirts and suits for babies

The christening skirts for children. They are one of the most common outfits to dress children for a baptism. These garments are long white Christian dresses, the result of the purity of babies. It is common for skirts to be much longer than the baby’s own height. But the skirts can be made shorter, it is what is called “half baptism skirt”. This type of skirt is more modern than the classic skirt, which is longer. The baby will be more comfortable at the event with a short skirt. We all know that this is good for the event itself. If the child is uncomfortable she can cry, it is normal. That is why the ideal is for the baby to be as comfortable as possible.

These baptismal skirts are handcrafted. This makes it easier to make the changes you request. Being handmade, the garment receives all the love of the dressmaker.

As for fabrics, here you can buy linen, cotton, satin, ottoman and silk skirts. Or, even, plumeti tulle baptism skirts. Depending on the suit, there are ornaments such as purses or embroidery.

In the same way you can buy christening clothes for a time of year. For example, the Hanna skirt is a very good option for summer baptisms. This skirt has no sleeves so it is better for hotter days. What’s more, it’s made of satin and ottoman, light fabrics ideal for summer. On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a suit for a winter baptism, look at the Julieta skirt. This skirt is made of cotton and has sleeves so that the child does not get cold. In any case, to keep the child warm, it is better to wear a bolero with the baptism outfit. Baby boleros can be made in the fabric and color of your choice. Keep in mind that these skirts are lined, which keeps the baby warmer.

Simple baptism skirts

The baptismal skirts that you are going to see here are beautiful for their simplicity. Less is more, and simplicity in this type of event is essential. They are very classic and formal events in which there are some previous rules. You can be modern without neglecting these rules and without leaving the schemes. In that sense, these baby skirts are the best. They are simple and modern at the same time.

Make changes to your child’s christening skirt

You can make changes to all the garments you see in the store. You can change the fabric or an embellishment, add embroidery, choose the color, etc. All baptism clothes are handmade. That’s why you can make changes. You already know that you are not alone in this. If you feel lost, it is best to talk to an advisor. This counselor will know what works best for each child.

Christening dresses for girls

The skirts are not the only option. For the most modern parents there are christening dresses. Baby dresses are a good idea for the most original girls.

Modern dresses for your baby’s baptism

For more modern baptisms, a very good option is baby girl dresses. Choose a girl’s dress from the store. After that, the shape of the dress is changed and it fits more closely to the body of a baby. The Manuelita Baby dress is a clear example of this change. It is the adjusted Manuela dress, this time with a children’s cut. This type of dress is simpler than a classic skirt, and is designed for informal baptisms. In this case, the dress is made of white linen, and has a layer of tulle on the skirt. In the same way, you can choose the length of the dress. This type of garment is more informal. That is why you can wear it with decorations in more vivid colors. For example, you can wear the sash, the hood and the diaper cover in red.

Other types of clothes for your girl’s baptism

On this website there are frogs for babies. These rompers are very comfortable garments for children. You want to know why? With them you can easily move your legs. They are made of linen and cotton. But if you want it can be done in more common christening fabrics. They can be made, for example, in plumeti tulle.

Don’t forget the christening accessories

There are several accessories that can be added to the outfit of the baby that does the baptism, whether it is a girl or a boy. These embellishments help to finish off the christening outfit. If you don’t know which ones are best for your child, talk to the advisor. The advisors have an ideal taste for this type of event and will be able to give you the best option. The only purpose is that you have the best deal on this unique day.

Christening bonnets

It is best to choose the hood that matches the sash. It looks super good if they are the same color and fabric. That way they will match.

In the store you will see bonnets made above all in organza or linen. The Julieta christening bonnet and the Sara christening bonnet are a good option for more classic outfits. These models are white and have details such as crochet cotton lace and embroidered organza. The Pía hood will be a good option if the baptism is more informal or if the child is invited to a wedding. We can make these hoods from linen in the color you want.

Christening diaper covers

It is best to look for a diaper cover to match the hood. The hollows of the legs and waist are stretched so that the baby is more comfortable. The most classic baptismal diaper covers are made of organza, ivory tulle, or white linen. But if you want to do a more modern baptism, you will like the ceremony ones more.

Christening sashes

Carry your child with the hood that matches the baby sash. These sashes add a touch of color to the baby’s body. Sometimes (with linen, for example), you can choose the color of the sash.

Other baptism outfits

It is true that there are many options. But don’t get overwhelmed. All options are good. The designs are made to fit well on the child’s body. But it is better to see each case and assess the best baptismal garment. The event focuses on the child, so you have to see well what he is going to wear.
We have seen many looks. But in the same way you can use a Jesus to make the baptism outfit. The jesusines are very very short dresses that expose the diaper cover. For example, the Pia Jesus, in white linen with decorations on the sleeves. They are very comfortable and light garments, ideal for summer events. As you can see, here are many options to dress your son in modern clothes on the day of his baptism.