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In ceremonies such as communions and weddings, the image of the girls is taken care of in detail. All parents want their little girls to stand out for their elegance, but without losing the sweetness, freshness and delicacy of a little girl.

There is girls hairstyles perfect for special occasions and they are the ideal finishing touch for a ceremony look. In addition, they can be enhanced with precious children’s hair accessories.

Below we show you 5 peinados para niñas pensados para ocasiones especiales:

  1. Loops: girls love curls. They can be made with rollers or irons. In case of using the latter, be careful with the temperature used, because girls’ hair is fine and delicate. Once the loops have been made, we can fasten a side lock of hair with a nice barrette to remove it from the side of the face.
  2. Braids: a simple back braid, a bit loose and a few side strands loose, can add a unique style to our little girl’s look. If you provide the details of a girl’s crown of preserved flowers, the style obtained for your daughter will be the most romantic and chic.
  3. Short hair: there are girls, whose short hair does not give the option of any overly elaborate hairstyle. In these cases, it is ideal to place some elegant headband to bring that ceremonial and graceful touch to the little one. There are the most delicate and beautiful ones, with bows, flowers, etc. Choose one that matches the dress and your daughter will be perfect.
  4. Smooth hair: there are girls who have long, straight hair so beautiful and shiny that, by itself, it makes up the perfect children’s hairstyle for a ceremony, Tocarlo would be to spoil it. In these cases, you can use a headband or a delicate hair barrette to remove a few strands to one side, but nothing more.
  5. Coleta: a clear face that shows the angelic face of our little girl is a very good option of children’s hairstyle for a ceremony. On the one hand, a well done ponytail adds elegance to any look. On the other hand, the removed hair does not bother the little one. To make a ceremonial ponytail, brush all the hair backwards, well stretched and hold the ponytail with a rubber band, at mid-height. To cover the rubber band, you can use a strip of satin with which you can wrap around the rubber band and tie a loop.

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