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Do you know what style you want for the communion dress of your little boy or girl but are having trouble finding him or her? Looking for a unique and different design but nothing you see convinces you? Luckily there are options to customize it to your taste and that of your daughter or son.

It is true that finding a communion dress with a difference can be complicated both if we have a very specific idea in our heads and if we don’t know exactly what we are looking for. Within the traditional lines and similar styles, there are those little details that make the difference and make a Communion dress or suit a perfect one.

To begin with, if you want to a communion dress personalized to your liking you can start designing a sketch or drawing of the dress on your head. You don’t need to be a professional! Surely that sketch will help you explain to stylists and fashion designers what you are looking for. Besides, drawing ideas together with our children can be a very fun experience and will make them feel part of their big day from the very beginning. After all, they will be wearing the result!

For inspiration you can look for ideas through catalogs, stores, Internet… Picking up details from here and there your communion dress or suit and the personalizedto suit your son’s or daughter’s tastes and style.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with professionals. Many of them have been in the world of children’s ceremonial dresses for years and have dressed many children. They will surely be able to add fantastic details to your sketch and will know about materials, trends or finishes that they can recommend as well as advise you on colors and styles that can make your child look even more radiant.

If you are good at sewing, perfect! You yourself will be able to participate and continue to contribute ideas in the process of creating an different and personalized communion dress. If not, fortunately there are professional hands that are dedicated to making those dream communion dresses.

The direct communication and collaboration with the couturier The work is a very nice and special experience for the person who is going to do the job. Many miss out on this privilege by buying a dress directly from a store or department store.

She thinks that everything is possible in the hands of someone specialized in fashion and sewing. Not only can you create your dress from scratch, but also long sleeves can be turned into short sleeves, ruffles can be added to plain fabrics, skirts with too much drape can be given volume, ornaments and complements can be added to sober dresses to transform them into more cheerful dresses, etc.

The First Communion is an unforgettable day in the childhood of our little ones and it only happens once in a lifetime. Dare to create a different and special communion dress for the occasion!

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