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Looking for wedding and ceremony dresses?

The 2019 event season is barely over and we’re already thinking about what we’re going to wear for all the events coming up in the next year. But not only us, if you are going to attend these events with your kids, you should also start preparing their looks. Don’t know where to start? You are in the right place!

How to choose the perfect wedding dress

If your little one is not only invited to the wedding but is also one of the guests, she will be one of the  protagonistas ya que ella llevará las arras,  you should take even more care of your outfit. Tulle is the star fabric for this type of situation. At Quémono! we have different girls dresses, like our Olivia design that allow girls to go for a walk with  perfect and comfortable at the same time. 

The moment in which the wedding is celebrated is also a factor to take into account, that’s why Quémono offers you also winter wedding dresses for girls accompanied by accessories as beautiful as this velvet cape that will support your daughter  warm and beautiful  throughout the event. In addition to the cape, you can also opt for other winter accessories, such as this ceremonial bolero gray-haired.

girl's ceremonial coat of grey velvet as a coat

Of course, velvet is another of our favorite fabrics to create the perfect look for your little girl. Betting on our Rita bell dress and discover how  the classic always triumphs. 

How to dress children for weddings

In case it is a child who is going to carry the arras of the ceremony, choose children’s ceremony outfits that are characterized by being  elegant, comfortable and at the same time very versatile  for use at other times. Combines the Lenon shirt with the Leo ceremonial jacket or add a linen sash to the main character’s look to give it a sweet touch.

Although when talking about children’s arras clothing we always think of the little ones, sometimes it is teenage girls who play this role. That is why at Quémono! we have also thought about them by creating wedding dresses for teenagers that allow them to see themselves  and age-appropriate. 

We create ceremonial clothing for children and teenagers with a single objective, to make them the most special guests. If you want to know how we achieve this, just take a look at our collection. Which set do you choose?   

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