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With the arrival of spring or summer, the communion invitations, baptisms and weddings. What should I wear? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in this type of situation.

In this article we will focus on the perfect look for a communion. Avoid mistakes and dress in style for a communion.

The dress for a communion, only the honored girl has a clear guideline of how she should be.

But, what about thehow guests should be dressed for a communion?

Take note of the following tips to avoiding mistakes in your chosen look to attend a communion as a guest:

  • The first thing to think about is that a communion is a ceremonial and religious act. Even if there is a celebration afterwards, you should keep in mind the meaning of the party and dress accordingly.
  • The ceremonial acts, even if there is a subsequent celebration, they are not festivities, they are formal events that require certain dress code for guests.
  • With all of the above, for dressing correctly for a communion, avoid very exaggerated necklines, sequins, too short and tight dresses, transparencies… Surely there are other occasions much more appropriate for this type of looks, but a communion is not. The communion dress for a girl must be the only protagonist on that day and cannot be neutralized by a guest’s dress too flashy or exaggerated.
  • You should also keep in mind that a communion is an event where children are very much present. In a way, her innocence, freshness and naturalness are honored. Try to dress according to this idea if you are going as a guest to a communion.
  • A ceremonial act requires a certain elegance, but it is not the same thing. a communion than, for example, a wedding. At weddings, you can wear long dresses and it is more common to be able to wear an evening gown, headdresses, up-do’s, etc. At a communion, However, this type of look will be somewhat inappropriate.
  • Avoid mistakes when dressing for communion and forgoes the updo and the long evening dress. It is not the right time. The best things to wear to a communion dresses, fresh and soft colors, well-groomed but natural communion hairstyle and light looks with accessories or jewelry. In a communion, less is more. Naturalness is not incompatible with elegance.

Think that in that photo that you will take, next to the girl who shows off her beautiful communion dress cannot appear in a guest with an inappropriate look that detracts from its prominence.

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