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In the summer season, especially in the months of June, July and September, we take advantage of the good weather to hold celebrations, such as weddings.

As it is hot in most of the Spanish geography, it seems more complicated to find a wedding or ceremony dress suitable for these special occasions.

Generally the fabrics we use in garments during the summer months are more casual, and the same goes for the fabrics we use in ceremonial dresses. Linens and cottons are the most used, but accompanying them with the right complement, we can have a perfect ceremony or arras dress.

For example, imagine a country wedding…. girls could wear a ceremony dress in earth-colored linen, with valenciene lace in the same tone, gathered both at the bottom and on the sleeves, giving the dress a bohemian and romantic touch. In addition, if we accompany it with a wreath of dried flowers, we can have a flower girl arranged, fresh, bohemian and very sweet, according to the environment of the celebration. Si la niña es adolescente, tendrás que optar por ropa un poco menos infantil, aunque siguiendo con los tonos blancos, como esta ceremonial blouse for teenage girls. The wedding dresses for children, on the other hand, could be combined with them, with a white linen mao shirt and earth-colored linen shorts.

As shoes in both cases we could put some espadrilles and ballerinas, very comfortable shoes and typical of this time of year. We could also add some flowers or lace on the espadrilles for the girls, so that they would be totally combined.

If you like stronger colors, and you have a country celebration in the summer months, we propose you a wedding dress in dry green linen, combined with white or ivory in sash or lace or piping. A floral print to complement it is also a very successful option. Being the main color, a strong and intense color, the ceremony dress should be a little more low-cut so that it does not give the feeling of overwhelm. For the boys we could combine them with a white mao collar shirt, with a green pirate, and a sash matching the girls’. As a complement, the girls could wear a semi headdress with dried flowers, and the boys could wear a straw canotier.

Are you having a country wedding this summer and don’t know how to dress the little ones?Call us and we will be happy to advise you and create the most beautiful and appropriate ceremony dresses for your country wedding.

Rocio Gutiérrez Ayala

Rocio Gutiérrez Ayala

Mi misión es ayudar a los peques a brillar en su gran día, permitiéndoles ser auténticos y tomar decisiones que reflejen su personalidad. Creo firmemente en respetar sus gustos, opiniones y necesidades.

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