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The summer ceremonies are very appetizing for both adults and children. The range of looks available for these occasions at Quémono will be irresistible. Especially if you want to may your little girl look like an angel.

With the arrival of good weather, it is the perfect time to celebrate any type of event.

The ceremonial shoes for summer can be a headache when it comes to dressing the feet of the youngest members of the household. Sometimes, combining elegance with comfort and freshness can be complicated.

Fortunately, at Quémono we have thought of all the options so that your little girl can count with everything little girls need when attending a ceremony. Although we love to see them impeccable and radiant for the occasion, we must not forget that children are children. They want to play, run and have fun. The look and the ceremony shoes for girls must offer that ease of movement that every little one needs by nature.

The ceremonial dancers are a great option to cover all the needs that a company requires. elegant girl’s look.

Its flexible and soft materials do not oppress the feet of the little princesses of the house and allow great ease of movement.

In addition, in order to match them with total exquisiteness and detail, our dancers can be customized according to the ceremony dress.

A cream colored ballerinas, for example, will bring simplicity and will be a true reflection of a girl’s innocence and candor. They combine easily with the whole range of ochers, browns, coppers and pastels. You can order them decorated with romantic lace or beautiful bows.

You can find ceremonial shoes for summer in this style in different fabrics and shades: leather ballerinas, linen-lined, dancers made with tulle, shantung, decorated with silver or gold glitter, copper, blue, green, sand, lace, lace trimming, lace trimming, bows, embroidery, etc.xcc

Get that fresh and chic touch in the styling of your daughter’s ceremony, by combining her beautiful dress with one of our handmade dancers and designed to match the same style and fabrics as the rest of the garments you will wear on that special day. Its delicacy and beauty are not incompatible with quality. Their leather soles are resistant enough to withstand the energy of the little ones of the house, who will be able to enjoy their beautiful dancers for the rest of the summer, combining them with more casual outfits that are perfect for everyday wear.

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