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Do we also celebrate First Communions in Fall and Winter? Yes, although it is not the most usual time, many families also take advantage of these warm autumn months to celebrate the Communion of their little ones, and even in the middle of winter … Why not? In addition to making a more personalized and individual communion, where the child takes a greater role in the religious celebration, you can find many more places for the celebration since it is not a usual time.

In the First Communions at this time of the year, the preparations are the same…however, the Communion dresses así como los communion dresses for them, they are warmer, and with other fabrics different from those used in May and June.

Communion dresses For children, they will always wear a jacket and long-sleeved shirt, and in many cases a wool V-neck sweater can even be added to the Communion suit under the jacket…. because winter can be very cold! The pants are usually long and beige, navy blue or charcoal gray. The most used fabrics will be the gabardines, leaving behind the linens, so used in the Spring-Summer Communion dresses.

For girls, Communion dresses vary little in terms of design. Among the main differences we can name: Communion dresses without sleeves and short sleeves become long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. The fabrics of the winter Communion dresses, are usually pique, tulle, brocade fabrics and in general more warm and regal fabrics than in the summer season. The Communion dresses for girls, are usually accompanied in winter by wool jackets, velvet ceremony capes and short coats, which can always be used more often after Communion, such as at Christmas.

Have you decided to celebrate your little one’s Communion in Autumn or Winter? Call us and we will be happy to advise you and create the Communion suit or Communion dress suitable and customized to your taste for the Communion of your child.

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