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Communion costume ideas for children

His big day is coming, the one in which he will be the protagonist, he will receive his First Communion and the first one in which he will have to dress up. Undoubtedly, one of the most special moments of his childhood. But we can not forget that children have to remain children at all times of their lives; for this reason in Quemono! we offer a wide range of communion suits for boys that will allow your little one to feel elegant without losing any candor and comfort.

And the fact is that the communion suits for children made up of rigid jackets with long and striking admiral laces, or that little white and navy blue sailor suit that has passed from generation to generation in almost every family, are long gone. At Quemono! we propose you to dress your child with a delicate Ibizan costume that will allow him/her to maintain comfort throughout the day and enjoy it as only children know how to do it.

But if what you are looking for is to combine tradition with a modern touch, in our catalog you can also find fun sailor costumes in pastel shades that will make your little one can play, jump and run feeling comfortable inside his new suit.

Communion accessories for children

We know that accessories are very important and can give any outfit the touch of distinction that you are looking for that special day: a tie or a bow tie can turn a versatile suit jacket into a versatile suit that can also be used for any other occasion. For example, with a navy blue blazer and a powdered pink bow tie for children will wear a most original outfit. On the other hand, a more classic and even more dressed up outfit could be to wear an beige bow tie matching with a vest of the same color.

At Quémono we give to the children’s communion dresses the importance they deserve and we adapt to your tastes and needs, contributing our grain of sand to make their First Communion day one of the most beautiful days of their lives.

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