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Months looking for the right dress or perfect communion dress and now your little one won’t wear it anymore… WRONG! Today we show you the different possibilities through which you can give a second life to your communion dresses and suits.

How to modify a first communion dress

It is true that reusing a girl’s communion dress is not always an easy task, but we assure you that it is possible. Your little one may never be able to wear that dress again, but it doesn’t have to stay in the closet, dead for laughs. With a few tweaks here and there, your nieces or your friends’ daughters will be delighted to wear that new dress on the day of their communion.

You can update the dress, changing the shape of the sleeves, touching up the hem or simply adding new accessories. For this, there is nothing better than adding some appliqués or placing one of our sashes hand-tinted that will give it a very special touch.

hand-painted-sashesIdeas for reuse

If you are not a born seamstress or you do not feel like reusing the communion dress for its main function, you can use its fabric to make some complements such as sashes or simply store it correctly Who knows when you will need it again?

In the case of children’s communion suits, it is much simpler, since your child can use the jacket and pants separately to attend the various meetings and family events that you have.

In addition, you can combine the pants of his communion suit with more casual shirts like the ones we propose in Quémono! to get the most out of this suit that you had so much trouble finding and with which your little one was so handsome.

Take a look at our new collection and find out how to give a second chance to the children’s ceremonial clothing is possible.

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