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With the arrival of spring or summer, invitations to numerous events such as communions, baptisms and/or weddings begin. What should I wear? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in this type of situation. Doubts and insecurities assail us when it comes to events that we are not used to attending on a regular basis.

At Quémono we always give you tips and ideas for dressing the little ones for important events, but what about you? We know that being perfect in the most special moments is also one of your goals. That’s why today we offer you the best ideas of how to dress for a communion.

First of all, you have to take into account the essence of the type of event you are attending. Remember that communions are religious ceremonial acts. Even if a celebration takes place afterwards, these are still formal events that involve certain dress codes and protocols. This means that you should try to avoid wearing very exaggerated necklines, sequins, excessively short or tight dresses with transparencies … Better leave these options for other more appropriate occasions. The communion dresses for girls should be the only protagonist on that day, so it cannot be neutralized by a too attractive guest’s dress.

Communions are characterized for being acts where purity, innocence, naturalness and freshness of children are the main characteristics. Therefore, it would be best to follow this philosophy when selecting your guest dress. Simple looks, not overloaded with accessories or jewelry, well-groomed but natural hairstyles, usually with loose hair, short dresses in fresh and soft colors are the key guidelines you should follow when deciding on your communion guest look.

How to dress for a communion as a guest of honor

The girls honored at the communion have well-defined guidelines on how they should dress for the ceremony in question. On the other hand, the guests, always following the essence of the event, have a greater possibility of alternatives and innovation.

A great advantage is that the time when communions are celebrated is usually accompanied by good weather, so a short or simple midi dress with a well-groomed loose hair would be a great choice.

On the other hand, if you want to give a different touch to your communion guest look, suits or palazzo pants paired with a blouse in neutral tones are a safe bet and very trendy nowadays. They are very comfortable options (since they allow us to leave aside stockings or having to adjust the dress or skirt continuously) and very elegant since they are garments that dress up a lot.

You can also consider the option of choosing a long jumpsuit for the occasion, also very comfortable. The monochromatic jumpsuits manage to stylize the figure thanks to its optical effect, and together with high heels, you will highlight your silhouette.

How to dress a teenager for a communion as a guest

If you are looking for inspiration on how to dressing a teenage girl as a communion guest, Quémono offers you several options for young girls to shine with their own light.

One of the options we have selected for you and with which you can dress your daughter for a communion as a guest is the Sofia dress. Undoubtedly, the most romantic option thanks to its exquisite combination of tulle and plumeti. In addition, you can choose the base color of the linen you like best: white, tan, aqua green, slate blue, powder pink, nude… You can select the base color thinking about the accessories that will complete the look, thus ensuring that the dress and accessories match harmoniously.

The skirt and blouse looks are a hit because of their great versatility. Depending on the type of skirt we choose, we can include more striking or simpler blouses.

One of our star options is the Grace blouse. It is a very simple blouse made of crepe with a lot of fall and tulle wings on the sleeves, which will bring a magical touch to the look. In addition, it has a pucker on the chest ideal for those teenagers who are still not very comfortable with the new changes that are affecting their body, such as the incipient chest, which makes it a very good choice for such occasions. If you liked the blouse but you’re more of a long-sleeved girl, the Gala blouse you will love it.

What about this skirt? Is it not very cute? If you prefer two pieces instead of one, the little skirts will certainly not be a bet you will regret. We would like to introduce you to the Claire skirt as an excellent option for your communion guest look. It is a linen skirt in the color of your choice, with ruffled overskirt in the front and longer in the back. The ruffle at the front gives some volume to the garment, the ideal would be to combine it with a simple blouse that does not detract from the prominence of the skirt. It’s a very youthful and flattering option that your daughter is sure to love.

Teen clothing for colder days

If on the day of the event there are unfortunately forecasts of low temperatures, we advise you to choose fabrics that are a little warmer and allow you to enjoy the event without being cold, such as fabrics like cloth and velvet. But that’s okay, all’s well that ends well! We are going to propose two ideas that will make your day:

In the picture you can see Nuria wearing the Maria cloth skirt in pearl gray, which has been combined with a white blouse with tulle on the sleeves. The skirt includes white tulle detail at the front waistband and a tulle ruffle at the hem. The cloth, the fabric with which this skirt is made, is a light and soft fabric, normally used for outdoor garments, as it will allow you to insulate yourself from the cold and enjoy the communion as you deserve.

Another option you have for cold days is velvet. With this fabric, the Noa skirt does not fail. It is an alternative with a plain print that will allow you to include more striking blouses or blouses with more elaborate prints. Nuria combines it with the white blouse with tulle on the sleeves and a knot headband, Isn’t it ideal? It is an elegant, versatile and feminine garment that, if you know how to combine it, you will find the perfect look.

Once you know what are the key issues about how to dress for a communion, You just have to choose the option you like the most, combine it with your favorite accessories and enjoy the big day feeling beautiful and confident in your look at all times.

Visit our teen ceremony fashion section and discover the wide range of possibilities offered by our catalog. Trust Quémono and enjoy the feeling of wearing quality fashion made just for you.

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