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The celebration after the ceremony of a first communion is a festive moment in which the children, and above all the honoree, are the protagonists. The communion dress,carefully chosen, the gifts, the congratulations, the banquet… everything should revolve around the little one on his or her day.

The joy of the child is shared by family and friends, who are usually treated to a meal and a gift as a detail, so that they will always remember this day so important for children.

But what is important in a celebration of the first communion, as we said, are the children. They should remember this day in a special way. Prepare games and animations for the first communion will keep them entertained for the adults’ peace of mind and for their joy.

Here are some ideas for games and animations for the first communion of your son or daughter. All of them will allow the little ones and their friends to have non-stop fun and remember this day with excitement for the rest of their lives:

  • Magic games:is a classic entertainment at children’s celebrations. They love magicians. Surprise and laughter are guaranteed with every trick. Magicians usually involve the little ones in every trick and apply a great sense of humor. A good magic show will keep the children of a child’s mind and body in a first communion completely concentrated on each of the magician’s tricks.
  • Search for treasure: watch your child run with his or her elegant communion dress or your child with her beautiful communion dress, Together with their friends, searching for treasures and laughing, it’s a pleasure for any parent. The treasure hunt game is perfect to be organized in open spaces. Surprises must be hidden in different places that the children must find using a previously prepared map as a guide. Teams can be formed, so that the winner is the one who first finds all the treasures on his map.
  • Handicraft workshops: is another of the games for first communion that we propose, since crafts are a great entertainment for children. Painting, cutting, coloring, making bracelets, etc. the possibilities are endless.

Try to find a suit or a communion dress comfortable for your son and daughter to feel free to move around in. This will allow them to enjoy the games and animations on the first communion day.

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