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The first communion day of your son or daughter. I’m sure you’ve already thought of the most important things: the communion dress, place of celebration, guest list, etc.

To organize a celebration one of the questions you need to ask yourself is what to give as a gift to the guests at a first communion.

Our proposals for this task are souvenirs designed to be not only beautiful, but also useful. You can opt for give the traditional first communion souvenir as a gift. They are beautiful and at a very good price. But the truth is that this type of details usually end up stored in a box in a corner or drawer in many homes.

If you give a gift for the guests of a first communion that is useful to them or that they can use frequently, you will ensure that this important day for your son or daughter is always present in their daily routine, in a natural way.

The following are examples of two of the following gift ideas to give to the guests at a first communion of your son or daughter, inexpensive and easy to get:

  • Photo frame: They come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Choose according to your taste. Elija según su gusto. gift for first communion guests of your son or daughter is that, at the banquet, you place at each place setting a photo frame with a picture of your son or daughter with his or her elegant communion dressor your daughter with her beautiful communion dress. It will be a good way to make the little ones feel like protagonists during the celebration and then, when the celebration is over, each guest can take the photo frame as a souvenir and use it at home to show off the photos of their choice.
  • Coquettish boxes with sweets: although its usefulness is momentary, the enjoyment of eating sweets or rich chocolates is a good offering as a detail or gift for first communion guests. You can choose or make your own beautiful boxes containing the candy. Puedes elegir o hacer tus propias cajas bonitas para contener los dulces. Don’t worry if your child gets a stain on the communion dress with chocolate. Será inevitable…

Candles, bracelets, key chains, pens… the possibilities of gifts or details for first communion guests are infinite. Already have yours?

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