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A elegant look for kids starts with the hair and ends with the feet. Si el calzado no es el adecuado, hasta el más estiloso de los atuendos infantiles puede desmerecerse.

In the case of ceremonies, we all want our children to stand out for their freshness and elegance. Make the smallest ones look attractive gentlemen irresistible to us. But in order to achieve a ideal style for children, you must be careful in al choosing ceremony shoes for boys and girls.

In the case of the children’s ceremonial footwear, you should not only take into account their design and style. He thinks that children, no matter how much of a gentleman they may seem with that formal ceremonial look, they are still children. On the day of the celebration they attend, they will run, jump and play. Therefore, it is necessary that when it comes to choosing your children’s ceremonial shoes, they feel comfortable with them. This implies that the materials in which the shoes are made should be breathable and soft to avoid chafing. But above all, they must have freedom of movement so that you can keep your feet fresh throughout the event.

Whether for a wedding, a communion, a baptism or for any big event where the children will attend, make them have a great time feeling comfortable and handsome.

Don’t know what to consider when choosing children’s shoes for ceremonies? Keep these tips in mind when buying and you will make the right choice.

Tips for choosing ceremony shoes for boys and girls


Choosing a comfortable shoe

Hard, inflexible shoes are not a good choice for little ones. Soon the complaints will start: “it squeezes me”, “it hurts me”, etc. You have to keep in mind that it is not necessary to give up the comfort of the little ones to choose elegant ceremony shoes. In fact, as far as the options in the choice of children’s shoes are concerned, the range of possibilities is much wider than in the case of adult shoes. This is because with children it is possible to take less conventional licenses, according to their age, freshness and naturalness.

Choose moccasins as children’s ceremonial footwear.

Moccasins: they are comfortable, adapt perfectly to the child’s foot and are available in a multitude of materials and unimaginable colors. An example of perfect ceremony styling for children could be the combination of light-colored loafers with matching Bermuda shorts, a white shirt, and a brocade bow tie in beige tones. Ideal!

Choosing ceremony shoes with laces

The lace-up ceremonial shoes are always very elegant. They give that classic touch that we love to see in a formal men’s look. If your child complains because he/she considers it too serious, you can opt for shoes with laces, but with ankle boots. Combined with velvet shorts, for example, can look very funny.

Pay attention to color

There is something you always have to keep in mind when choosing ceremony shoes for boys and girls: pay attention to the color depending on the overall look. You must make sure that the whole ensemble is in harmony. A good trick to not fail in your choice, is to match the children’s shoes with the color of the belt, suspenders or tie. It is recommended that you choose only one of these elements so as not to overload the image of the boy’s or girl’s outfit and to give more elegance and freshness to his or her look.

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