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You’ve already chosen your dress, the estate, the menu and the wedding photographer and now you start looking at things about the children in the wedding party: It’s time to choose the wedding dresses for the children who will walk down the aisle with you. Today we want to help you in this decision by focusing on a very important element: color. What is the perfect color for courting children? As in many things, there is no perfect color. To choose the right color for the wedding dresses, you must take into account several aspects in relation to the wedding. Let’s see them!

The flower girls and boys are the center of attention in the wedding procession. When preparing for a wedding, there are countless details that we want to take into account so that the result is perfect and we know that the attire of the arras children will not go unnoticed. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing the color of the children’s arras:

 The fabric and color of a wedding dress will depend on the weather on your wedding day. . If the wedding is in spring or summer, think about soft and fresh fabrics, such as linen, tulle or organza. Even if you use these fabrics only in accessories, they give a very fresh look, which is what you want to transmit when it is hot (we always talk about the visual thermal sensation). As for colors, the ideal at this time of the year is to choose light colors: white, aqua green, nude pink or ecru are very interesting colors for warm seasons or areas. If, on the other hand, the wedding is in autumn or winter, it will be more advisable to use less vivid tones. Gray or brown tones can go very well with the overall style of the event. Winter fabrics (velvet, cloth, etc.) usually go hand in hand with these colors. For example, in the photos we have selected an outfit for more summery weddings with aqua green linen complements, with a matching flower crown. On the other hand, for more autumnal seasons, we have chosen a white dress, but in this case an embossed cotton pique instead of linen (a warmer fabric than linen). As for the sash, it is made of gray velvet, very appropriate for the cold season.

 Of course, fabrics also vary according to the weather in the area.  For example, a wedding in Lugo in September will not be the same as a wedding in Seville at the same time. And surprisingly, colors also have some influence from the culture or style of a particular city or area. In beach areas, for example, the aqua green color is always a good choice, although, for example, in the north coast areas the gray arras look beautiful, because they are very similar to the color of the water.

On the other hand, the season for pastel colors such as green or pink is wider in the south. However, more autumnal colors such as tan or gray can fit very well in the north even in summer. Remember that if you decide on such colors for your arras, it is advisable to use fabrics such as linen, which balance the visual thermal sensation.

That is to say, taking into account the city and the climate, we could construct a rule more or less like this

  • Hot weddings: Cool fabrics + summer colors
  • Medium heat weddings: Cool fabrics + autumn colors
  • Medium cold weddings: Warm fabrics + summer colors
  • Very cold weddings: Warm fabrics + autumnal colors

Matching the groom’s suit and the bride’s dress to the wedding procession

Many brides match their procession of arras with the style and color of her dress or its accessories such as the bouquet of flowers, the veil, bows or ribbons. The same can also be done with the groom’s accessories (tie, vest, etc.), or even with his suit. For example,  if the bride is carrying a bouquet of pink flowers, we can choose an outfit with pink accessories over a white dress. . In this case, we have chosen a headband and a sash to add color to the outfit.

En este otro ejemplo, puedes ver el vestido que eligieron para que Olivia llevara el día de la boda de sus padres a juego con el vestido de novia.

first look to learn how to dress your baby for his or her christening
first look to learn how to dress your baby for his or her christening

A touch of color in the bridesmaids’ gowns and dresses

The color will also depend on the style you want the wedding to have.  Ideally, all the boys and girls in the procession should match each other. , with the same styling, so that there is a union of style and color between them.

More classic weddings tend to have less flexibility in choosing colors than those that are more modern and casual. This is the reason why the trend when it comes to choosing the clothes to be worn by the children for this style is to dress them in ecru or pastel tones.

These colors can also be used in more modern weddings. However, we can also choose brighter colors. It should be noted that these colors tend to be less common in the case ofchildren’s wedding dresses.It is a riskier option, which also takes some of the attention away from the bride’s outfit. The trend is indeed to dress them in sweet, fresh and pastel colors in order to ensure that attention is not diverted too much from the couple getting married. We leave you two photos of couples of children in arras together. In this case both are from winter weddings. The first set, which has toasted tones, is designed for more classic weddings. Still, there is a modern touch in the fact that the girl’s dress is made of toile de jouy, a printed fabric (albeit quite subtle). The second set is more modern, the colors are more vivid, and the children go together, although in a subtle way, as the style and fabric are combined rather than the color. Take a look at this other article if you want to learn a little more about how to match boys and girls.

As we have seen, sometimes the bride and groom may want to give a more lively and dynamic air to the little ones’ attire, something that is achieved by dressing them in brighter colors. Let’s see how we would choose those colors!

How to choose bright colors for wedding dresses

The bright colors for wedding dresses can be a very original, fresh and fun option. You can choose a red color that symbolizes the love between the bride and groom or a green color in accordance with the floral decoration; a blue color that represents the fidelity of the couple or an orange color that brings warmth.

Dressing the arras children in bright colors allows you to highlight its innocence, without losing an ounce of elegance. If you have opted for this option to bring more joy to the event, the way to avoid that the children in the procession stand out too much is that their attire is in harmony with everything around them. One option when choosing bright colors is to combine them with other elements of the ceremony, such as flowers or other decorative elements.

If you want to give an eye-catching touch to the children’s clothes of arrasIf you have a very flashy dress but you think it is too daring, you can also get that touch of color with bright colors in other accessories: crowns, sashes, shoes, etc. It should not be forgotten that the accessories for the arras children are also a very important part of your attire. A cape for bridesmaids is probably the accessory that would add the most color to your child’s outfit.a. This accessory, however, is a warm accessory, so you can use it only in cold seasons or in warm seasons in indoor areas that are conditioned.

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