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You want everything to be perfect in the celebration of the First Communion of your little one, it is something that you have clear from the first moment. Quieres que todo sea perfecto en la celebración de la Primera Comunión de tu pequeño, es algo que tienes claro desde el primer momento. Finding the perfect date, the protagonist’s look, yours, the guests, the banquet… What a hassle! And now, to top it all off, you’ve remembered that you also have to take care of the decorations. Don’t worry! Once again, at Quémono! we come to the rescue of all those moms who are looking for inspiration so that everything is just as your child has dreamed it.  Take note of these basic ideas to decorate a communion table! 

Ideas for decorating a communion table:

Achieve the  decoration of the perfect communion tables , is much more than just arranging a few decorative elements. It is to entertain your guests, it is to take care of every detail and, above all, it is to contribute to make one of the most important days of your little one absolutely perfect.

For the  decoration of a communion table , you must take into account factors as varied and important as: the look of your son or daughter, the space where the celebration will take place, the banquet afterwards and even the weather at the time. Does it seem like too much? Don’t worry! Let’s go step by step so that together we can discover the best way to  how to decorate the tables. 

Colors to decorate a communion table

In an event of these characteristics, pastel colors and neutral and soft tones are always a success.  The day of a boy or girl’s communion,  is one of the most special, so everything must revolve around the protagonist. Add to your table  table linens and napkins  in accordance with the tones of the communion look or complementary to them, it is a good option if you are looking for harmony and simplicity in the decoration of your communion table.

Although the  tribute is for the child who receives his First Communion,  We cannot forget that the celebration will also be attended by a good number of adults. For this reason, we must seek a balance so that  the decoration of the communion tables  and enjoyable for children and adults alike. To achieve this, nothing better than betting on elements such as bouquets of flowers, pastel-colored balloons or even transparent balloons that resemble soap bubbles. In this way, we will combine the freshness and fun of the little ones with the elegance and good taste that adults look for when sitting at the table.

Another element that you can use to give the table a touch of the most endearing is to place as a centerpiece the following elements  wicker baskets that you can fill with trinkets  to give them as gifts to the youngest guests. Or, if you prefer, the protagonist can hand them out to his or her friends at the end of the celebration.

The combination of candles in soft colors and ribbons in the same tones adorning them, is another option that will give  the decoration of the communion tables  the charming and delicate touch you are looking for.

How to decorate a table with balloons

Defining seasons is another of the ideas that is arriving with more force to the world of communion table decoration. The idea is to create several spaces through the tables.

For example, you can prepare a  table of sweets for communion.  Decorate it according to the rest of the tables and offer your guests sweets, cakes, pastries… everything as a self-service.

 Banners, balloons and garlands  are some of the elements that cannot be missing in the celebration of their First Communion. In addition, if you want to give it a more personal touch, you can place a giant poster of your daughter wearing her precious communion dress or your son with his elegant communion dress.

Finally, remember that  you can personalize with the name of the protagonist  Balloons, garlands, banners… Use these elements to frame the candy table and give the final touch to the table decoration to make it absolutely perfect.

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