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There is no doubt that the protagonist of the day is the little one making Communion. You’ve spent months (maybe even a year) searching for the right dress or ideal communion dress, choosing the communion hairstyle and finalizing every detail so that everything is perfect. But what about the protagonist’s siblings?

For them, it will also be a very special day that they will remember forever. Therefore, in this article we are going to give you some tips and ideas on how to dress the rest of the kids in the house, whatever their age. Take note!

Ideas of dresses for the sister of the boy or girl making communion

The first thing to keep in mind when dressing the siblings for the communion, is that they also have to feel comfortable with their look and enjoy with the protagonist of this special day.

Keep in mind that it will be a long day, full of emotions and in which the kids will feel like dancing, jumping, running and playing. Don’t let her outfit stop her! Choose clothes that are comfortable and beautiful at the same time so that they can live every moment together with their siblings. To choose the look to go to the communion, do not forget take into account the age of the invited child.

If you are looking for looks for sisters,  the possibilities are endless. Dresses, skirts, skirt and shirt sets and even fun little bermudagrasses. . The Olivia ceremony dress or the Saya Martina combined with a white shirt can solve the question of how to dress the sisters of a communion, respecting the style of each girl and fulfilling the maxim for which we work in Quémono: children who look like children.

What to dress the brother for communion with

In the case of choosing clothes for the sibling of the child who is making the communion, we recommend you to choose a linen dungarees and combine it with the Mateo ceremonial shirt. It is a very cute outfit that will allow the little one to play and dance all day long.

If you prefer a more formal outfit, you can also opt for a nice set of bermuda shorts and vest with which your little one will be the most elegant.

The ties and the bow ties are some of the accessories that can help you to give the children’s look a more formal but fun touch. Choose bright colors to elevate the outfit and you’ll see how easy it is to transform a simple look into one with a lot of personality.

A detail that you can use to combine all the siblings, including the one who is making the communion, is  choose a garment of the same color for everyone . That is to say, if it is a girl who is making the communion and is going to complement the dress with a aqua green sash, you can match his little brother and sister with clothes of the same color. In this case, you would combine the sash with a skirt, a vest and shorts. You can do the same with more subtle garments such as, for example, a headband or a nice bow tie. This way you will achieve an absolutely adorable connection between them without taking attention away from the main character of the day.

Infants and adolescents

If comfort is important for younger children, it is indispensable for babies. Choose light, soft fabrics that respect their skin so that they do not chafe or damage it and feel good with their wedding outfit.

Although, of course, the protagonist is the child who makes communion. The baby sibling will also capture much of the attention. That’s why you should choose the right look for him so that watching him and playing with him is even more adorable.

A froggy or a diaper cover combined with light and very comfortable shirts is the most advisable in these cases. Your baby will feel very comfortable, you will respect his skin and he will look absolutely beautiful.

If you like the idea of all siblings wearing the same color, you can choose your baby’s diaper cover to match the rest of the children.

In the case of teenagers, choosing the perfect look for their siblings’ communion is a bit more complicated. They are at a stage where clothes designed for children do not represent them and they do not feel identified with those designed for adults.

Besides, they already have a style. Therefore, we must respect it and agree with them what will be the outfit they will wear to their little brother’s communion. Generally, teenagers do not like to be combined with their siblings, so this idea will probably have to be discarded.

For a child up to 12 years old, wearing a suit jacket and shorts results in a very fun and casual look. However, teenagers often feel very childish with this look. Depending on the adolescent,  the suit of jacket and long casual pants in different colors can be a very good option . If this option is too formal for them, go for a more casual option. For example, you can combine a pair of pants in a light fabric with a white shirt with a mao collar to add freshness. A look with which you will undoubtedly feel at ease and relaxed.

For adolescent girls, this issue is even more complicated. Their bodies are changing and, at times, they may feel a little uncomfortable wearing certain garments. For them, dressing like their little sisters is not an option. They feel different and their style and taste for fashion starts to show in their personality as well.

Propose outfits and garments according to their age that respect their silhouette and that are specially designed for them. For example, our Valentina shirt es una de estas prendas infalibles. It is a blouse with a clean and simple design something that mothers love, but at the same time it is asymmetrical, a fact that elevates the look and is close to their tastes.

Undoubtedly, preparing the looks of all your children for a communion is not an easy task.  We recommend that the first outfit you choose is that of the child who is going to make the Communion. . After that, determine the style of the celebration and, around that, build the rest of the siblings’ looks.

In this way, you will be able to homogenize the style of all of them and they will feel part of the celebration. A celebration that will remain in their memory forever and that they will enjoy to the fullest by sharing their brother’s joy with the rest of the family.

If you have any doubts about how to dress the communion siblings or the protagonist of the day, do not hesitate to contact us. Take a look at our website, choose the style you want and ask us any questions you may have. You can also come to our showroom!

Also, remember that at Quémono we customize the garments as you need so that your little ones attend their little brother’s communion absolutely perfect and in the way you always dreamed of. Get with Quémono an absolutely delightful family print thanks to our delicate designs and our comfortable garments that respect, above all: style, personality and the intense and fun way children enjoy everything. Count on us!

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