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Bringing children to a ceremony or wedding dressed up has several advantages. We are not talking about wearing them exactly the same, which is a common way to dress children on a daily basis. To take children to a special event,  ideally, everyone should wear a different look but with some aspects in common.  that will make the whole look round. Let’s see what we can do!

What to look for when dressing siblings together

Dressing siblings to match is a very endearing way to create a bond between them and make them feel closer to each other. Plus, it will make the children’s ensemble especially endearing when they are together at the ceremony. You have a thousand options to take the kids to match, so in this article we are only going to show you some of them. Anyway, if you have something specific in mind, ask us and we will recommend outfits depending on the ceremony and what you have in mind. There are three main ways in which two siblings can be matched regardless of age and gender. These three ways are (from more subtle to less subtle): match them through fabric, match them through color, or match them through design.


Matching the children with the same fabric is the most subtle way to bring the children to the siblings dressed to match. Keep in mind that the greater the presence of the fabric, the more you will notice that the children are matching. For example, if you choose a linen to wear with matching children, it will probably be less noticeable that the children are matching. However, if you choose a fabric with more presence, such as velvet or corduroy, there will be no doubt.

For example, in this case we have chosen two sets made of corduroy in different colors: pink for the girl, and green for her brother. The girl is wearing a beautiful pink corduroy skirt with removable straps over a cotton shirt with beautiful ruffles. As for the boy, he is wearing green corduroy shorts with a corduroy vest of the same color and a white mao collar shirt also in cotton. Notice that they are both wearing a white cotton shirt, which gives even more harmony to the overall ensemble.


If both siblings wear the same colored outfits, it is already beginning to show at a glance. Depending on the garment worn together, it will be more or less noticeable. For example, if one of the girls wears a headband in the same color as her sister’s sash, it will be a subtle touch. However, if the two sisters wear two whole blue dresses, it will be clearly noticeable.

Also, keep in mind that wearing the children in the same color is often closely related to wearing them in the same fabric as well. Why? Because many times the color of a fabric has a different shade than the same color in another fabric. If you change the fabric, you run the risk that the color will be similar, but they will not match. A failed attempt!

In this case, we have chosen to match the boy and girl through the sash and shorts. En este caso, hemos optado por hacer coincidir al niño y a la niña a través del fajín y los pantalones cortos. In addition, the girl’s ceremony dress and his brother’s shirt are made of different fabrics, to break the harmony a bit.

Design: dressing siblings alike

This option consists of wearing both siblings dressed in the same design. For this, besides being able to choose the same product in different sizes, at Quémono we have an additional option for the case of two sisters in which one of them is a baby: baby cut dresses. What are they? They consist of girls’ dresses to which we slightly modify the design to adapt them to a baby. In this way, the baby can wear the same design as its big sister. We’ll show you some pictures of this case later in this article!

 We have already seen the aspects you can play with to wear matching siblings (color, fabric, and design). . Now, we are going to show you some examples of outfits depending on the age and sex of the children. Get ready!

Set of boy and girl of similar age

Let’s start with the simplest case: a boy and a girl of the same or similar ages. For this, we have chosen an outfit that we could wear to a summer ceremony, as it is based on linen, a rather cool fabric. In this outfit the boy wears a gray Bermuda shorts look combined with a white shirt. You can complete the child’s outfit with a bow tie or linen tie to match the pants.

For her, we have chosen Martina’s ceremonial saya also in gray, matching her brother’s pants and bow tie. The saya is matched with the Rita bell dress in white. This makes for a beautiful overall ensemble of gray linen on white. Nice, isn’t it?

Sets for babies

Adorable babies…. On these little ones, anything you put on them looks good. Of course, if you want your friends to fall in love with them, you always have to do a little bit of work… In this case we are going to propose you two ceremonial winter outfits for babies. Both sets are made in velvet; one based on gray velvet and the other on brown velvet.

Ambos conjuntos están realizados en terciopelo; uno basado en terciopelo gris y el otro en terciopelo marrón. Easy! On the other hand, the girl in the gray ensemble wears a full velvet dress with high presence of color and ruffle at the neckline, topped with a white tulle sash. A warm warm warm set. As for the second outfit, the girl wears a jesusín over the baby print Peter shirt, all finished off with a brown velvet hood. If babies are already cute, with this outfit they are irresistible.

Set of boy and girl of different ages

In case you have children of different ages, here are some outfits to inspire you. If they don’t fit your children’s ages either, ask us and we will be happy to give you a specific solution for your case.

Baby and big sister clothing

In case you have a baby and an older sister, we are going to show you two looks that go together because the design of the dress itself is very similar. In this case, with the Dani dress (the baby dress) and the Daniela dress. Both dresses are made of brocade and have a piculine detail on the sleeve cuffs and neckline. Aren’t they cute? Notice that the dresses are slightly different, as dani is baby cut. In the section on children from 2 to 4 years of age in this other article about the children’s wedding clothes according to their age, we explain the differences between the baby cut dress and the girl cut dress.

Matching clothing for older sisters of different ages

Are you at home with a child and a teenager? Although it may tempt you dress the same as the sisters, The truth is that teenagers are starting to be vindictive and sometimes it is not so easy to find ceremonial clothes for them. If you notice, in these outfits we have chosen for the little girl a dress with a gray velvet sash and a matching cape. However, teenagers are already starting to wear skirts and jackets, so we have chosen an outfit based on these two garments, all over a white blouse with tulle details. We have topped it all off with a gray velvet headband. As you can see, even though they are totally different sets, both sets are in agreement with each other. They look good, don’t they?

Is one of the brothers the protagonist of the event?

Many times,  one of the two children will be the protagonist of a special event; a communion or a christening for example. What we want in this case, is to choose the outfit of the protagonist child, and depending on it to wear the other child to match. In this case, the main fabrics often change. Communion and christening dresses are made of much more delicate fabrics, such as organza and tulle. In this case, to wear his brother to match, we recommend that you rely on accessories. In the case of communions, in this other article you will find more information about how to dress a child’s sibling for communion. In the case of christenings, in this other article you have examples to combine the set of siblings with the tchristening gowns.

We already know how to dress siblings alike for a ceremony. Remember: fabric, color, design!

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