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Do you know how to dress your daughter for her first communion if she doesn’t want to wear a dress? It may seem like a long time away but in the blink of an eye the communion season is here. If your daughter is getting ready to receive her First Communion, you’ve probably already looked online for the dress you’d like her to wear. If when you show it to her you realize that your little one has other plans, don’t despair! There are countless alternatives to the traditional communion dress.

Girl’s first communion look with pants

If your daughter is clear that she does not want to wear a dress on the day of her communion, the first thing you should do is to support her and congratulate her for having such clear ideas. Once this step has been taken, it’s time to get down to work to find the perfect alternative.

The search for a girl’s outfit that is not a dress may be a little complicated at first, but you will see that as soon as you do a little research you will find beautiful looks that you would have liked to choose from when it was your turn to make your First Communion.

A communion trouser suit can be one of the best options for your little one to feel beautiful and comfortable on her big day. Choose light, ecru-colored fabrics so that your daughter can jump, run and dance on her communion day feeling comfortable in the clothes she is wearing. You can add an extra touch to the trouser ensemble by combining it with a matching sash with the communion shoes.

Skirt for girl for communion

The trouser skirts are another very good alternative to the classic communion dresses, they are more comfortable than a dress but will retain the essence of these providing a different and very special touch.

Choosing a trouser skirt will allow your little girl to wear something like a girl’s communion dress with pants that will meet your daughter’s need to be comfortable and not so dressed up.

How to dress for communion a girl who does not want to wear a communion dress

As you will see there are many options to say goodbye to the conventional communion dress and welcome new designs with which your daughter will feel comfortable, beautiful and comfortable.

In addition, you can choose different accessories to give her communion look with pants a sweet touch. Complete her outfit with elaborate flower crowns or beautiful colorful sashes and discover all the possibilities that this type of accessories can offer you.

Now that you know the different alternatives to the traditional communion dress, we hope you have fallen in love with some of the proposals so you can help your daughter choose the perfect look for her first communion.

Remember to support her in her decision and make her see that everyone can choose their own style, that we are all different and that there are as many ways and tastes when it comes to dressing as there are people in the world.

In Quémono! we want to show you different proposals so that either with a dress, skirt or pants, your little girl can enjoy her First Communion day as she deserves: in style.

Take a look at our First Communion section and discover the best ideas to dress your little ones. Which one do you choose?

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