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The banquet, the communion dress or suit of your son or daughter, gifts, details… organize a communion does not seem to be an easy task, much less if you must organize a communion on a small budget.

It is an important day for the children who are getting ready to receive the first communion. The illusion and the expectations placed in that moment are many, and it is normal that parents want that no detail is missing and that there is a celebration at the height of the circumstances.

Do not despair. It is possible to organize a communion on a small budget and obtain as a result a celebration and a beautiful party in which nothing is missing. Take note:

  • The communion dress or suit: is one of the most important elements. It is essential for our children to look their best when they get ready to receive their first first communion and for the after party. They are very expensive, true. But in Quémono you can find communion dresses and suits, handmade and in different styles, unique, original, ideal for your son or daughter and best of all, at prices within reach of all budgets. Take a look at our catalog and see for yourself.
  • Reminders or gifts for our guests: we are sure that you want the guests of our guests to your child’s communion have a souvenir of that special day for you and your family. It is not necessary to order and purchase them already made. You can make this detail yourself, with your own hands. In addition, you can have the little ones of the house help you and participate in the reminders or small details that will be offered in their own communion. It will be a touching detail that will delight everyone.
  • Save money on a photographer: if you can’t afford it, don’t hire a professional photographer. For saving money on the celebration of the first communion, get a good camera and make a photographic report of your child yourself. If a friend or family member has a good hand with photos, you can ask them to help you. Your collaboration can be the best gift you can offer to the honoree.
  • An intimate banquet: if you want organize a communion on a small budget, you will have no choice but to limit the number of guests. These should be immediate family members and close friends.

When you have achieved the perfect communion dress or suit for the prince or princess of your house and the limited banquet, you will already have organized the most important things for this day. Taking care of the rest of the details will be a breeze.

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