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The first communion. A day as unique as this requires special dedication, care and attention. To make our daughters feel like princesses, it is necessary to pamper every detail to the maximum: the place and date of the celebration, the restaurant, the reminders of the first communion, the communion dress, complements… and last but not least, the hair.

A good girl’s communion hairstyle will be the one that, in harmony with the rest of the outfit, manages to transmit that innocence and purity that so much represents (and we love) of children.

As with the selection of the dress, it is essential to involve the girls in the process of choosing the communion up-do they will wear on their big day. It is vitally important that the girl feels comfortable with her recogido de comunión, and for this, there are different alternatives to be able to resort to. Personal taste and hair length will be key factors when choosing a hair color. communion girl hairstyle or other.

It is common in communion hairstyles for girls The hair should be removed from the face, so that the child’s face is uncovered. Styles known as “…” are in trend.effortless chic” o “pelo desordenado”, which are characterized by updos that are not too tight, rather loose and tousled, thus conveying a greater sense of naturalness. Accompanying these updos with some communion hair ornament for girl, we will be able to merge naturalness and modernity.

In this article, we are going to propose you some of the most important first communion hairstyles that we like the most so that the girls look perfect and fashionable and can serve as inspiration for you when it comes to how to do your daughter’s hair on the day of her first communion.

Simple communion hairstyles

Less is more”. How many times have we heard that quote? Here are the three easiest and quickest communion hairstyles that will save you headaches and stress at the last minute, without the need to go to a beauty salon for their elaboration. With these hairstyles that we propose, you will make the dress the main focus of attention. Remember, simplicity is the essence of elegance, so do not think that by going with a simple hairstyle or being more practical in this aspect, we are going to give up style and good taste.

Boho-chic First Communion hairstyle with loose hair

Girls will look great wearing their hair loose and wavy. This hairstyle looks great on girls with medium to thick hair. To achieve this, the hair must be waved with a flat iron and then the ringlets must be deconstructed with the help of the fingers. If you include a braid on the side of the head, the finish can be perfect.

The idyllic complement to this communion hairstyle for girl would be a wreath of flowers, which will give them a romantic, youthful and delicate touch.

Half collected

If you want to keep your face clear, but still wear your hair, a half updo is the best option. The star options are braids and curled hair. Get a flower clip, a preserved flowers headdress, or a bow to frame the hairstyle and place at the junction of the sides and the hairstyle will be ideal.

Remember not to overdo the ornamentation. Simplicity and naturalness will make your daughter look flirtatious without losing the image purity in keeping with a day such as his birthday. First Communion.

Loose hair

If we are looking for natural communion hairstyles, there’s nothing like letting your hair down. It may seem a risky option, as you may lose control over your hair. However, flower crowns, headdresses or tiaras will avoid any discomfort caused by loose hair.

For shorter hair, there are also very simple options, such as styling the girl’s hair leaving the parting on one side, and holding the front strands on the opposite side with, for example, a clip or hairpin or a flower headdress, like the one in the image. The naturalness and simplicity in hairstyles like this are a high claim.

More elaborate communion hairstyles

If you like more elaborate hairstyles, taking into account that this is a special and special day for your daughter, and knowing that her opinion is crucial, here we propose some more sophisticated communion hairstyles with which your daughter can shine.

Boho-chic braid

In the same style as the boho-chic communion hairstyle with loose hair, what would happen if we decided to gather all the little one’s hair in a braid? The premise is the same: keep a casual air. For this reason, the braid must be very meticulously made if we want to preserve that air of freshness. Before starting the braid, it is important to work the hair so that it is wavy and voluminous. Backcombing and hairpieces are great allies to make this hairstyle suitable for any little girl’s hair.

You can choose to just braid the little one’s hair, or add, for example, a flower headdress, in conjunction with the first communion shoes or the sash of the dress, to give a more natural touch.

We can also opt for more classic braids, such as three-strand braids (simple), herringbone braids, root braids, inverted braids that are ideal with updos or also, for example, braids as a headband that manage to remove the hair from the girl’s face.

Braids are a classic in all kinds of celebrations as there are many braid alternatives that make your hair look special and give great room for imagination and own creations. In addition, it is a hairstyle with great options to the floral decoration that girls like so much.

Of course, you can also opt for a ponytail following that casual and fresh concept that boho-chic pursues or simpler ponytails. You can go for side-parted ponytails, middle-parted ponytails, high ponytails, medium ponytails, low ponytails, … depending on the length and density of the girl’s hair and the way she feels most comfortable. Like braids, this updo also gives rise to many decorative options with bows, ribbons or flowers.

Low updo

A low updo is always a good choice, especially for girls with a sharper face profile. Low updos also offer many options: we can opt for low or high tousled chignons, leaving strands loose or all the hair up. The ideal for this hairstyle would be to backcomb the root area prior to making the bun, so that the hair will have more volume. Another option would be to go for hairpieces in case the girl wants to wear a chignon and has very fine hair and does not manage to highlight the chignon as much as desired. También, cabe la posibilidad de preferir moños de bailarina con el pelo tirante dando así total protagonismo a la carita de nuestra pequeña.

Combine it with a flower crown or a headdress or even a ribbon that borders the chignon, to get the attention of all eyes.

These are our communion hairstyles preferred. What did you think of them? We hope you have been inspired and can make your own creations for your little ones. If you have doubts about what accessories to use in hairstyles, you can also consult this post in which we wrote about complements for communion or this one for ceremony accessories.

If you have more questions about the organization of your children’s First Communion, do not hesitate to follow us regularly.

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