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The Covid19 crisis came into our lives almost without us realizing it. It brought our schedules to a standstill, changed our plans and, if you’ve made it this far, probably also postponed your little one’s First Communion.

We have no doubt that, at first, the uncertainty and lack of answers may have been a little disappointing. But soon came rumors of new dates and finally, the confirmation of these dates.: fall communions will be the most celebrated events this 2020.

Ceremony or communion hair bolero by Quémono

Communion dresses for autumn

If you already had the communion dress, the shoes and the other accessories this change of date will have caused you more than one headache; as far as how to transform a spring communion look into a fall or winter communion look.

Well, at Quémono! we have the solution. We know that you had a hard time choosing the perfect dress, that you have already invested part of the budget for your daughter’s communion. And, most importantly, you are not willing for the protagonist not to wear that dress she has been dreaming about for almost a year.

For this reason, we propose you different options so that your little girl can wear the communion dress you bought with so much illusion, giving it a very nice and autumnal touch.

If you also want to dress the siblings of the protagonist of communion, in this other article we give you some consejos de cómo puedes vestir a los niños en función de los años que tengan.

Coats for autumn communions

The first option we propose is to add a warm garment to the communion look. The Cloe coat is specially designed for communions postponed to this fall, its brocade fabric and ruffles on the sleeves that you can customize, will undoubtedly give a very special touch to the dress.

Boleros are another choice you can’t go wrong with. We offer you this type of garment at different colors and fabrics, so you can choose the one that best suits the new communion date. and, of course, the dress of the protagonist.


The bolero Lucía can be found at linen y velvet, while the bolero Anatita is made of hair (puedes verlo arriba). A feature that will undoubtedly come in handy for all those girls who will celebrate their First Communion in winter.

Accessories for autumn communions

Hair accessories are another of the elements that, normally, are the most common, are in accordance with the usual time of the year in which communions are celebrated. Flower crowns, hoods and straw headdresses… You can see here how to use all these accessories according to the girl’s communion hairstyle: braids, updos, simple hairstyles, etc.


If these accessories no longer fit the date of your postponed communion, we also have the solution!

We have created an accessories collection exclusively designed for communions in winter. Tiaras in autumn colors made in linen or velvet, berets in earthy colors and scarf effect headbands are some of the proposals with which you can finish the look of your little girl for her long-awaited First Communion.

Ideas for fall communions

Yes, as we mentioned at the beginning, you already have a definite date for the communion of your little girl and it will be in autumn-winter. We recommend you to take a look at the rest of the proposals, where you will also find layers and different warm garments. In Quémono! we have prepared the new collection to make this celebration even better than you thought it would be in spring.

Find everything you need for your daughter’s winter communion in our section of communion dresses for girls And make your little one dream of her big day again.!

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