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Do you want us to give you some ideas for storing communion dresses?

You’ve spent years dreaming about the perfect dress and what your big day would be like and it’s already happened. And how you enjoyed it! After months of preparations, it’s time to save one of the most special dresses of your little one’s life to keep it in perfect condition. Don’t know how to keep it like the first day? Take note of this care for communion dresses and protect it forever.

Covid-19 update:

Finally we start to know when we can start going out and what is clear is that most of the communions have been delayed for autumn. Therefore, it is important that if you already have your communion dress, you keep it so that it is spotless for when the date finally approaches.

The best ways to store a communion dress

After the big day, the first thing to do is to take the dress to the dry cleaners, where it will be perfectly free of stains and as beautiful as the first day. Remove the plastic in which it will be returned to you from the dry cleaner’s. If you do not do this, it is easy for the plastic to stick to the dress over time and can leave stains.

Wrapping the communion dress in tissue paper in a box is one of the best options you can choose to keep the dress in perfect condition. Remember, however, that the tissue paper should not be colored to prevent it from staining the garment over time.

If you are one of those who keep the clothes you do not use in plastic boxes, we are sorry to tell you that you are not doing it right. This type of plastic boxes do not allow the clothes to breathe so we can make it easier for the garment to spoil. The best thing to do is to get a box that does not allow light to enter, but that breathes. In this sense, a cardboard box is the best option to store your communion dress. You can find one with a nice print so that when you open the box years later, the process becomes a beautiful memory.

Why store a folded communion dress?

Now that you know some of the steps you need to take to preserve the communion dress for your baby girl. Don’t forget that, as practical as it may seem, keeping it hanging in the closet is not a good idea. Over time, the weight of the dress can pull on the seams and deform the garment. If the fabric is very delicate, or very heavy, it is also easy for the shoulder and waist seams to open. It is best to keep it folded in a box protected from light and in a dry place. Be careful not to leave it in storage rooms or basements where there is moisture, it is very easy for the dress to get damaged.

As for the dimensions, it is better to use a more elongated box, which is not too high, so that the dress bends as little as possible.

how to store a communion dress in the best possible way

How to preserve a ceremony dress


Okay, now we have all the elements we need and we know where we are going to keep the dress box. Now we will place tissue paper on the bottom of the cardboard box to prevent the fabric from touching the bottom of the box. If the paper is small, we can put two sheets of paper forming a cross.

Start by folding the skirt and finish with the top to avoid folds in the body part. If the skirt has a lot of flounce, we can fold the sides that protrude from the body inwards, so that the skirt has the same width as the body will have. Then fold the skirt in two or three folds. From the waistband to the neckline, the dress should be untucked. Try to keep it as smooth as possible so that you can keep the dress perfectly preserved.

Then we close the tissue paper at the top, so that the dress is covered. Finally, we will place the cancan on top of the box, also folded as little as possible. The cancan is placed on top because the tarlatan, being rigid, can easily lose its shape if it is bent and we put some weight on it for a long time. At the same time, it is a piece that does not weigh much and will never spoil the dress.

Why save a communion dress

Perhaps after these tips you have realized that keeping a communion dress can not only allow you to keep it as a souvenir but, knowing how to keep it perfectly, you can reuse the dress for other girls in the family who wish to make the communion with the same dress of their cousins, sisters or friends. In any case, a communion dress is one of the most special garments that your little one will have throughout her life, so keeping it forever is one of the best decisions you can make.

Take a look at our communion catalog and get ideas so that our dresses are the ones that next year you will want to keep as gold in cloth.

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