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This year his First Communion…

Everyone at home continues to be excited about the preparation for First Communion and at Quémono! we continue our efforts to accompany you in the organization of all the details. Here are some of them ideas to decorate the house for a Communion party, always true to our style.

Some time ago we talked to you about the importance of looking for a place to celebrate First Communion and book it in advance, since, as the dates get closer, availability is decreasing. However, we also tell you that celebrating Communion at home is also a very valid and appealing option when you have a garden or a large space where you can gather your guests.

Either because all the restaurants are full or because you had already decided organize the party at home, today we want to give you some decoration ideas for this beautiful celebration.

Our recommendation is that if the weather on the appointed day allows it -and the dimensions of your home- try to celebrate it in the garden. Your guests will be much more comfortable and it will be easier to keep the house tidy.

Siempre somos partidarios de mantener un estilo elegante, alegre y algo natural. naif in everything that concerns ceremonies and children; a style that its innocence and freshness.

Thus, our proposals are oriented so that you can also get that style in your daughter’s or son’s party. With a few original, well thought out and cared for details, you will find the perfect decoration without much effort. You will see how easy it is!

6 details to decorate the house for a Communion party

Table decoration with jute cloth table runners

For decorating the table at a Communion, We prefer white or ecru table linens. The table will thus be a discreet but elegant element that does not detract attention from other decorative elements. However, we always want to give it a special touch that makes a difference. Este punto se puede conseguir con caminos en tejido de yute. This fabric is increasingly being used for the manufacture of decorative elements and, as we have seen in previous posts, of invitations, reminders

It is a fabric with a strong country style, but well used, it is very sophisticated.

Centerpieces for communions

This year, the leading role played by the glass jars in the centerpieces. They are very discreet, add a lot of brightness and you can complete them with almost anything. We have found these, which contain spikes, flowers and even beach sand.

Decorative candles for a Communion

It is true that the First Communion is a religious celebration, but try to avoid overusing candles in your decorations. Ideally, you should find a few strategic corners in which to place them. It is also a good idea to get them scented and, if possible, anti-smoking if you have guests who smoke. In this way, the candles will not only be a decorative element, but will contribute to maintain a cool atmosphere during the party.

We liked this original idea for placing hanging” candles. They are very discreet and elegant, can you ask for more?

Creating a candy corner in the living room

Candy corners have also been a trend in recent years, both at weddings and communions. Children and not so children will come by during the party to see if they can have a bite to eat. There are a multitude of ideas to collect the goodies: wooden boxes, glass jars (yes, again), wicker baskets… However, we have found a super original option. It consists of lining a tin bucket with paper and tying it with a loop of burlap twine. Amazing!

Jute fabric pennants

We love the results you can get with jute fabric! In this case, the typical pennants or banners to decorate the communions have been made in this country fabric. The result is very sophisticated and you can make them at home without any difficulty.

Decorate the entrance hall with them or, why not, mark the candy corner.

However, we do not recommend that you hang them side to side from the ceiling, because we reserve that task for the origami strips. The ones in the picture are a bit exaggerated, but would consist of linking origami bow ties with a string and hang both sides of the ceiling, so that it looks like dozens of paper doves are flying around the room. The result is certainly charming.

Welcome board

Finally, we celebrate your arrival. Welcome boards are always appreciated by guests. In this case, a sober poster is placed on an easel. The differentiating point is the flowers, but you can replace them with any other element that speaks of you.

As always, whatever decisions you make, always discuss them with your child. Ask her what she would like to have at her Communion so that she feels at ease at every moment of her celebration.

Also, before starting any preparations, think about how many guests you are going to have. In the case of decoration, it will help you not to saturate the rooms and to create spaces that facilitate their movement during the party.

Remember that in Quémono! we want to be with you in the celebration of this special day, so don’t forget to check our blog with all of our tips for organizing a Communion.

Esperamos que le haya gustado nuestra selección de detalles de decoración.

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