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Keys to organize the perfect wedding: this summer you took the trip of a lifetime, you enjoyed yourselves like children and, when you least expected it, he asked you to marry him! You, of course, said yes and the illusion of marrying the love of your life has invaded you since that day. Sound familiar? Congratulations, the big day is getting closer! But we’re afraid that, just as this beautiful story resonates with you… you’ve also started to become aware of all the preparations that need to be made.

Don’t know how to prepare a wedding step by step? In this article we have collected all the points that you should take into account so that everything is perfect. Take note and prepare the wedding of your dreams.

Simple wedding dress

How to prepare a wedding step by step

First of all, you must take into account the date on which the wedding will take place. El tiempo jugará un papel muy importante a la hora de elegir el lugar en el que vas a casarte, por lo que debes tener claro si quieres una boda al aire libre o de interior.

After deciding this first point, you must choose the type of wedding you want to have. By this we mean that there are different styles of events, there are those in which it is mandatory to go in black tie or on the contrary it is suggested to the guests to attend in a more informal way… This point is essential for your style, that of the bride and groom, and that of the guests who accompany you to be similar and you can have the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Knowing the time of the year, the place and the style you want your wedding day to be, you can start looking for the perfect dress. Undoubtedly one of the key pieces of an event of these characteristics.

Once you’ve mapped out these points on the road to your wedding day, it will be much easier to choose the details to design the wedding of your dreams.

Preparing civil weddings

Wedding planning companies

If after knowing the key points to organize a wedding, you think you need help. There is nothing to worry about. There are many companies dedicated to the organization of weddings so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Entrusting the preparations for your perfect wedding in the hands of professionals can be a great help for those brides and grooms who do not have a lot of time or for those who find the organization of such an event a world away. Choose the wedding planning company that suits you best, but make sure to meet with them as many times as necessary to perfectly convey the idea you have for your big day.

It is important that you feel comfortable with your wedding planner so that he can get to know you better and reflect your personality in every detail he chooses for your wedding day.

Keys to prepare a weddingHow to prepare a civil wedding

Organizing a civil wedding takes a little more work than organizing a religious wedding. This is because in the civil wedding you must also take into account how the ceremony will be, while in religious weddings it is somewhat more predetermined.

To give a personal and emotional touch to your civil wedding, we recommend that the master of ceremonies be someone you trust. Choose that friend or family member with a gift for people and a way with words and prepare with him/her the type of ceremony that you would most like to declare your love for each other. Just don’t try to control everything, leave room for your guests’ surprises and you will have a very emotional wedding.

Now that you know how to start preparing for a wedding you just have to get down to work and enjoy every little detail. And remember that when the time comes to decide how your wedding party will be dressed, en Quémono! encontrarás las mejores ideas.

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