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Do you know the origin of wedding pagesSince you started to organize it, you already knew who would be the children who would become the pages of your wedding. The children closest to the family are usually the ones who perform this delicious function that gives your entrance to the ceremony a sweet touch.

Nowadays, there is no self-respecting wedding that does not have at least two of these little helpers, but what aboutYou know that the figure of the pages has its beginnings in the Middle Ages.? Read on and discover the origin of the wedding pages.

During the Middle Ages, wedding dresses were made with heavy fabrics and complicated structures that prevented the bride from moving it by herself. It is as a result of this situation when the pageboys appear, children whose mission was to help the protagonist of the wedding to walk her way to the altar in a more comfortable way.

It is as a result of this situation that the pageboys, children whose mission was to help the protagonist of the wedding to walk her way to the altar in a more comfortable way, appear.

Antique wedding dresses

Modern wedding dresses

Now, the task of these little helpers is to carrying the arras, the rings or decorate the bride’s path with flower petals. In short, the figure of the pageboys is one more element that you must take into account to make your wedding as you have always imagined.

If the function of the pageboys is important, they carry fundamental elements for the wedding, equally important is how they are dressed. Remember that they will accompany you at the entrance of the ceremony, so they should match not only your dress, but also the decorative style of your wedding and even your bridal bouquet.

At QuémonoQuémono! you can find all kinds of outfits ideal to dress the children of your family. pages of your wedding. But don’t forget the most important thing, the page boys are children and above all they should feel comfortable and happy with the clothes they wear. For this reason, perhaps you can opt for simple garments such as the Martina girl’s bloomers or the Mateo mao collar shirt and combine them with accessories that give the sweet and elegant touch you are looking for the little ones at the wedding.

You can opt for sashes to fill with color the look of the pages of your wedding, this type of accessories are easy to wear for children because they adapt to their body and allow them to move easily to dance and jump so they can enjoy your wedding day as one more.

The wreaths of preserved flowers are another of the most elegant and beautiful accessories with which you can complete the look of your little “bridesmaids”, it is an accessory that combines perfectly with almost any style of decoration because you can play with colors and types of flowers to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Discover the number of outfits and accessories that we offer you from Quémono! to dress the pageboys of your wedding according to what your style and that of your wedding needs. We also offer you the possibility of making different garments and in the same fabric so that all children go together but each one with the garment that best suits their age.

Trust Quémono! to dress these little protagonists and forget about spending hours and hours looking for the perfect outfit for them, you’ve already found it!

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