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The style of communion dresses has evolved over the years. Gone are the days of bulky designs with large sleeves that did not allow girls to feel comfortable on their big day. Nowadays, communion fashion has been moving towards simpler and simpler lines, where to make the  girls can enjoy their day is their top priority .

But without a doubt, there is one element that has been maintained in the dresses: the sashes for the communion dresses for girls. This garment and the bow with which it is usually fastened, is the perfect finishing touch to your little one’s look. And we are not only referring to the communion outfit, a ceremony dress adorned with a sash is one of the best combinations with which your little girl can go to any event.

If you want to go a little further, we propose an idea that is as delicate as it is natural: our cotton sashes dyed with flowers and plants.

Everything you need to know to choose the perfect sash

There is a wide variety of fabrics that can be used to make a sash. Materials such as  organza, linen and cotton  are some of the most frequent when making these beautiful accessories.

You must take into account that not all fabrics have the same body or the same drape, so the stability of the loop with which you attach the sash or the way to fix the garment to your little girl’s dress will be very important.  different depending on the choice. 

In Quémono we work with these materials, so we are going to advise you on all the steps you should follow to know how to place a sash. It will never go wrong again!

How do you like the sash best?


Sash with bow Upright

If you like upright loops, you should choose  linens, organzas or mikados. 

Fabrics with little weight and little fall will be more upright, but it is advisable that they are always thin fabrics that “fit” in the knot.

Choosing a fabric that will stand upright on its own is the best way to make a large fabric loop, as you will be able to give more size to the loops.

(In the picture, blue linen sash with boards)

Sash with ribbon dilated

To make the sash dilated, once you have created the loops you will need to   stretch the ends of the fold outward. 

Weighted fabrics, those with dropped sashes, can fall off over time because they have too little strength to support the loops, but it can look nice for photos or at the beginning of the ceremony. In these sashes it is important that the inside loops are double or triple.

(In the photo, blue tulle sash)

Sash with Bow Fallen

If you like droopy ribbons, you will have to choose  crepe, tulle or light gauze. 

The type of fabrics you have to choose is one with a lot of drape and a lot of weight, which will make the loops not hold when tying the sash of the dress.

And the good thing is that if you are wondering how to make a bow with tulle, the technique is exactly the same, the only difference is the way you form the bow.

(Pictured, powdered pink Belen sash)

Sash with Ribbon narrow

To make the narrow sash, you will have to  to pick up the fabric as if it were a string.  Another trick is, once you have made the loop, to pull horizontally directly on the fold to enhance the gathering of the loops.

This way of making the sash is good for any fabric, although if it is very thick and has little weight, it will tend to expand so it is easy to get a dilated loop after a while.

(Pictured, water green tulle sash)

How to place the sash on the communion dress

The first thing you should do is  iron the sash  in case it has wrinkles from all those times you have practiced tying the sash. Be careful, tulle sashes cannot be ironed and if the ribbon you have bought is made of synthetic material (like some organza, which is not silk) it is very easy that it cannot be ironed. Always check with the supplier to ensure that you do not damage the garment.

In addition, placing it on a dress that is also freshly ironed will help the sash or bow stay on the garment more firmly and last much longer.

There are many ways to place a communion sash but today we want to show you one of the easiest ones so that the result is perfect. First of all, we must take into account the center of the piece and make it coincide with the center of the girl’s waist once the dress is on. In general, the sashes have two seams that form the front of the garment and should be on the girl’s sides, under the arms, also coinciding with the seams of the dress. In our dresses there are also two loops or thread dancers through which you can put the sash so that during the day it does not move too much.

Next, we adjust the sash to the girl’s body so that it is firm but trying that the garment allows the little girl to move comfortably. It is also important that we do not tighten it too much because it is possible that if we do so, the girl will move and the seam will end up showing.

We bring the loops to the center of the back and  we finish in the back by tying it with a ribbon. 

As you can see, in most of the photos we have chosen to close the sash with a bow at the waist of our little models. If you are looking for a  effective, beautiful and comfortable result  this is undoubtedly the option you should decide on how to put a sash. We show you how to do it!

Add a touch of color to the simplest and most delicate dresses with the linen sashes. Choose your favorite color!

How to make a perfect bow on a communion dress

First, we take each part of the loop with one hand and tie a normal knot. Tighten until the communion ribbon fits the girl’s body, as I said before, without overtightening, it is preferable to leave some slack. Then, with the part that has been left underneath, we draw the first part of the loop, which will go to the opposite side (I usually have the left side underneath and after forming the loop with my hand, I take it to the right). This is the moment when we have to start creating the loop we want: we shape the loop, which can be extended or not, and we give it the size we want.  The important thing is to control the final result at all times. 

Next, we take the opposite loop, pass it over it and create the loop by passing it through the hole that is formed. As before, it is important to create the bond we want and above all that it is the same as the one we have already formed.

Finally, we hollow out the ribbon and arrange the central part.  At this point we loosen and tighten the loop several times until it is the way we want it. .

You can apply these tips both when placing a sash on a communion dress and on a ceremony look. The only difference will be that, possibly, the loop will be somewhat smaller and therefore easier to make.

Children’s party sash

Children can also give a different touch to their party or ceremony look with this type of accessories. The way to place it is similar to the way we have seen with a communion sash. On this occasion, the sash can be finished with a simple knot to give it a more casual and fun touch.

Combine a pair of Bermuda shorts with one of our linen sashes and finish the boy’s ceremonial look with a white shirt, is the best choice. Como puede ver, nuestro modelo masculino se ve hermoso con su  outfit where the linen sash is the protagonist. 

Children can give a different touch to their ceremonial look by combining the sash with the bermudas, both in linen.

Looking for something more classic? Un communion organza sash will be the ideal piece to complete your little one’s outfit.

Which sash to choose for the communion dress?

As mentioned above, there are a multitude of sashes, designs and fabrics to choose from, but what we haven’t talked about is color. Some years ago the sashes that accompanied communion dresses were always white. For some time now, girls are getting older and older and the new generations are getting older and older. Por ese motivo hay una tendencia que intenta separar la imagen más y más de la de las novias poniendo color en todos los complementos. That is, the current trend invites to take a white communion dress and the rest of the accessories in color. At the same time, dresses are also getting shorter, although that’s the subject of another blog post 🙂

If you want to add some color,  linen sashes  are ideal to highlight your little girl’s look and give it a fun touch. There are a multitude of colors in absolute trend and it is very easy to find one that fits you. There are a multitude of colors in absolute trend and it is very easy to find one that fits you. Regarding this, it is interesting to choose the sash that matches the hair accessory that the girl is wearing. If you want hair accessories ideas, here we leave you an article with all the options of communion hairstyles for your girl.

If, on the other hand, you prefer something more classic,  an organza sash  will be the ideal piece to finish your little girl’s communion outfit. You can also choose different colors. But if you want to go a little further, we propose an idea that is as delicate as it is natural: our cotton sashes dyed with flowers and plants. Undoubtedly the romantic and sophisticated touch with which to make a communion look the most special look of all.

But remember, the important thing when deciding on a sash for communion dresses, is that your little girl feels beautiful, comfortable and very comfortable with her choice. Which will undoubtedly be the one that makes her and you the happiest.  Happy First Communion Day! 

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