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If you wish to make your son’s or daughter’s christening an original event and does not leave any of the guests indifferent, there are many ideas that you can put into action when planning it.

You must think of all the details because these are the ones that will make the difference with other ceremonies of this type that you have ever attended.

Thinking about your guests is essential to generate ideas: games and animations for children The following are some of the keys that you will have to take into account to ensure that everyone remembers with pleasure the ceremony, whether they are guests, a thoughtful gift for the adults or a pleasant space for the celebration after the ceremony the baptism of your little boy or girl.

The arrangement and style of the tables is one of those points that you should think about and prepare with care. There are many original christening arrangements with which you will not leave anyone indifferent.

There are many very creative ideas that you can apply and elaborate yourself to give that personal touch to your business. achieve a unique and original baptism.

An example is this simple craft that you can make quickly, easily and inexpensively. On a glass or pretty glass jar, place a paper cone selected to your liking. Inside the cone you can place a variety of flowers or simply a flower of a larger size to add a touch of color to the flowers. ceremony tables.

The original arrangements for baptisms provide that personal touch on the tables that makes it a unique and unrepeatable space.

Arrangements with white candles are very appropriate for this type of event. Candles bring that intimate and familiar atmosphere, that cozy ambiance. white candles The color white can represent the purity of children. You can place a set of candles on pretty glass plates covered with petals, for example.

Remember that a christening is a ceremony where everything revolves around the children. Place original arrangements for a baptism made with knick-knacks, will delight the little ones and, why not, the adults. For example, sugar clouds are very suitable, because of their pink color, for the baptism of a baby girl. Get cork balls and with fixatives, nail the clouds to the spheres. This way you will create beautiful cotton balls that you can present in pretty containers for guests to peck at their leisure.

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