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The christening of a baby is an emotional moment for the families. It is a day in which everything must be perfect and we must prepare in advance, taking care of every detail.

Communicating to our loved ones that we want to baptize our child The ceremony is an emotional event and should be done in a way that conveys all the feeling and joy that comes with such a ceremony.

Before we dress up in our best clothes and select the right christening gown or dress for our baby, think about original baptism invitations whose design encompasses the joy of the arrival of a new life into the world, the elegance of a religious ceremony and the innocence that characterizes any child.

Each new life that comes into this world is unique. Therefore, the invitations for a christening should be as personalized as possible.

What all invitation for a christening The main information to be included is the name of the protagonist, i.e. the baby to be baptized and the address of the place where the ceremony and the subsequent celebration will be held, as well as the date and time.

From there, the format and design is what you can vary and meditate on as you wish.

Just as you think of how to decorate the tables of a ceremony such as a communion or a christening, details such as the baptism invitation or of that communion, must also be meditated upon.

Among the christening invitation ideas, many choose to include a tender photo of the baby to be baptized. You can also include children’s motifs: teddy bears, baby strollers, baby bottles, pacifiers, etc.

An original touch can be to give a certain shape to the card that when opened includes the above mentioned data inside. This christening card you can cut it in the shape of baby frog, in the shape of a bottle, heart, etc.

You can also include a small gift within the baptism invitation, of which the person who receives it can benefit. For example, you can intertwine a ribbon or cord bracelet that includes a small cross or your baby’s initials.

Even if your wish is create original invitations for your baby’s baptism, remember to design them according to a religious ceremony. Avoid colors that are too strident or letter formats that are too modern. Light colors, pastels and a certain classic touch will be the most appropriate.

Rocio Gutiérrez Ayala

Rocio Gutiérrez Ayala

Mi misión es ayudar a los peques a brillar en su gran día, permitiéndoles ser auténticos y tomar decisiones que reflejen su personalidad. Creo firmemente en respetar sus gustos, opiniones y necesidades.

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