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This year, his First Communion…

Although it may still seem like a distant date, First Communion is getting closer every day. After reserving the place where to celebrate Communion and to have a clear idea of what your son or daughter dress o suit Communion dress. You should start thinking about your guests.

In this regard, the first step is to convene them. Therefore, today we would like to talk about ideas of original invitations for First Communion.

The invitacations for First Communion have had, for years, a very standardized design. We could find three types: the most classic ones with laid paper and elegant typography; the most childish ones with Communion drawings; and the simplest ones with religious motifs.

However, every day we like to be more original and surprise our guests at any event with the most careful details; and the most important thing is that the Communion invitations are no exception. A continuación, queremos mostrarte algunas ideas para que las invitaciones de la Primera Comunión de tu hijo no pasen desapercibidas.

3 Original Invitations for First Communion

Create a beautiful bookmark

The First Communion invitation does not have to end up in a drawer or discarded after a while. A nice and original idea is to make it into an original bookmark that your guests can use later.

Get nice envelopes, preferably in recycled paper and cream or tan tones, and get cardboard of good weight to give consistency to your bookmark. The idea is that you order a nice personalized stamp, in which you can include the name of your son or daughter and stamp it on the cut out cards. Next to it, you can write a personalized message.

On the back of the bookmark or on a separate sheet of paper you can include the details of the event: time, place, confirmation phone number, etc.

They will be ideal if you also decorate them with threads, dry twigs or if you include some burlap detail to the design. Undoubtedly, these invitations are a handmade and stylish detail that your guests will appreciate and treat with care.

Invitations with lots of aroma

Lavender, rosemary, chamomile… The decorative herbs will be the star element of the Communion invitations. In this case, you can have your invitation cards printed by any professional. Then, tie a sprig of one or more herbs to each of them with the help of a burlap string. There will be some beautiful, elegant and simple Communion invitations.

Your son’s or daughter’s photo

Have you noticed how fast those photos with a text in front of them circulate on the Internet? You can give a very modern touch to your children’s Communion invitations if you make your own personalized one. Choose a nice picture of your son or daughter, a modern and impressive typography and voilà. Your invitations will be very original, but they will also be the latest fashion.

We have proposed three ideas that outline different trends for you to choose the one that is more in line with the style you want to give to the Communion of your son or daughter, but there are many more.
Don’t be afraid to let your creativity run wild: a drawing made by the little ones, a pretty cardboard box filled with soapsuds… The possibilities are endless! You just need to take care of the details to make your Communion invitations very elegant.

Talk to your son or daughter and ask their opinion, after all, it’s their day and the little ones want to be involved in the preparations too. In this way, they will look forward to the day with more enthusiasm and will appreciate all the effort and care put into the organization of the First Communion.

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