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This year, his First Communion…

Is one of your children making his or her First Communion this year? If so, you already have to start thinking about the type of event you are going to organize and the menu, the suit or communion dress what he will wear, how the siblings will be dressed, the reminders… and also, to have an idea of possible places to celebrate the First Communion of your child

Preparing a Communion can sometimes be a little scary, but don’t worry! Each month, we will be advising you on the steps you should be thinking about and closing… If you start now, you will prepare for the next steps. your child’s First Communion without realizing it!

The first step to decide is where you want to celebrate Communion and how many people are you going to invite…. At this point the economic issue takes on special importance, since it is not the same to invite to a traditional “chocolate with churros” at home or in a nearby cafeteria than to invite to a lunch in a restaurant prepared for this purpose.

Whether you are more traditional or if you are looking for something more original, we are sure you will like some of these ideas of places where you can celebrate your First Communion:

Places to celebrate Communion: The restaurant

The restaurant is the most common option due to its convenience. Having lunch in a restaurant allows you to delegate a little of the organization of your child’s First Communion. Within the restaurants we have the normal restaurants, not specialized in celebrations, where the ideal option will be to hire a reserved room and thus be able to enjoy more privacy.

Restaurants usually make menus for groups, so you should try to choose one with dishes that can please the majority of guests, always giving a second option in case of allergies.

If you are many guests, you can also celebrate in the halls of a hotel.

Another very common option are the restaurants specialized in events, which in addition to serving lunch, will provide children’s entertainment to entertain the kids, such as bouncy castles, magicians, organization of games…

Original ideas of places to celebrate Communion

In the Zoo, in the Amusement Park, in Faunia, in the Safari Park…surely near your place of residence you have a place that the little ones love and where they can enjoy its attractions. In addition, you can start with a picnic, a paella or a steak in the countryside or in a beautiful setting. I’m sure they’ll love it too!

The most homemade idea

Is there anything more homey than celebrate your child’s First Communion at home? Why not give it a try? All you need is a little bit of skill in the kitchen and a little bit of imagination. You can organize from a cocktail or snack to a snack-dinner. You decide the limits.

If cooking is not your forte but you have space to host the party, a great idea is to call a catering service. Some have very competitive prices and leave everything set up and ready to eat. All you have to do is choose the menu and open the door to your home!

Celebrating communion in an economical and traditional way

In a cafeteria, in a bakery or at home, invite your guests to a chocolate with churros for celebrate your child’s First Communion. It is something very simple and very much our own, loaded with a great tradition. Not to mention how tasty they are!

You already have some ideas to think about what kind of Communion you want to celebrate! Ask your little one what their preferences are and pay attention to the budget and number of guests. If the option you choose is away from home, you should check the availability of the places to celebrate First Communion that you like the most. May and June are just a few months away and you don’t want to run out of room!

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