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Spring and summer are the ideal seasons for to dress our girls in fresh and flowing outfits if they have to attend any type of event or ceremony. Romantic children’s fashion fits, for its delicate and elegant style, with the taste of little girls and moms.

Butwhat is romantic children’s fashion exactly?

When we think of a romantic attire, there are several concepts or ideas that come to mind: princesses, elegant dresses with long skirts, flowers, tulles, delicacy, innocence, simplicity, subtlety, etc.

If you want to your girl looks perfect in any type of ceremony. or gala, or to be the absolute protagonist on the day of her communion for the originality and beauty of her dress, do not hesitate to opt for an romantic style children’s dress. To find it, you should look for elements in this type of dresses that contain and give it that somewhat retro, chic, bohemian and delicate look:

  • Vaporous fabrics: tulles, silks, satins, linens… vaporous or light fabrics give a touch of fragility and delicacy to the girls’ final look. The little ones look like ethereal angels.
  • Bows and flowers: are small details that can be included in the outfit chosen for girls. The wreaths of flowers for the head are perfect for create a romantic look. pins, headbands, belts, sandals, or ballerinas that include a delicate ornament in the shape of a flower or bow, will delight little girls, as they will feel like little princesses. It is essential not to overload the outfit with this type of ornaments, so that the romantic essence of subtlety is not lost.
  • Light or pastel shades: white, beige or pastel shades, are the most appropriate for a romantic childish stylel. If you want your daughter to look like a little fairy, avoid colors that are too strident.
  • Elbow sleeves and flounces: this type of sleeves give a retro look to any dress. A ruffle finishing off the sleeve or subtly decorating the skirt or shoulder, will give a somewhat bohemian effect to the dress, which will look like something out of another era.
  • Embroidered dresses for girls: delicate filigree embroidery on vaporous fabrics, will undoubtedly give a romantic style to any dress.

Now that you know what is romantic children’s fashion, do not hesitate to make the little one of the house the center of attention in any type of ceremony or event.

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