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That long-awaited day for the little one is approaching: his or her First Communion; surely you have already thought about the dress or the outfit you are going to wear and you are only missing the  icing on the cake . It is time to think about what will be the shoes for the day of your Communion.

Naturally, you want your child to be radiant, and you want them to be radiant from head to toe. Therefore, you will not only have to think about the model of the suit or the communion dress and the right one, but it will also be necessary to pay attention to the  special attention  to accessories and small details.

The shoes for the day of your Communion are also an important part of their attire. In addition, you have many ideas and various alternatives for finishing off the look to perfection.

First of all, keep in mind that Communion shoes must combine two qualities: comfort and beauty.

Your son or daughter should be able to enjoy an unforgettable day of posing for flashbulbs, playing with other children and standing for a long time. You can’t let a bad shoe create discomfort on this special day. When you ask me on the phone or come to the showroom I always tell you the same thing: communion shoes are the opposite of school shoes, you won’t have time to adjust them. The day you need them is the same day you release them, and not for a while. The children will get up early that day, probably have to be at the church between 10 and 11 o’clock and will wear the shoes for as long as the celebration lasts. Therefore,  it is better that the communion shoes fit large than small. 

Communion shoes for girls

The girl’s shoe must match the color and style of the communion dress. Some years ago, the most demanded colors were white and ivory for girls, matching the color of the dress. Right now, the trend in communion shoes is to go with the  to match the sash and the rest of the complements.  In terms of style, the types of Communion shoes can range from the plain and simple model, with no frills, to shoes with very elaborate decorations.

Classic shoe

Year after year, the trends in clothing and footwear are renewed, but  the classic shoe never goes out of style.  Classic shoes can be buckled, plain or adorned with a small detail or bow. Undoubtedly, they are the ideal choice for more traditional Communion dresses.

elegant white ceremony dress for girl
elegant white ceremony dress for girl
Accordion headband
Rita Otomán ceremony dress
Double loop velvet lacing


Sandals are also a very fresh and summery option for girls to wear on the day of their First Communion. They are the ideal choice for those girls who wear simple and flowing dresses on their Communion day. In this case, sandals can be single or multi-strap, horizontal, crossed, braided, combined with gold, with embossed leather, with ankle straps, with bows, tassels, flat, with a little heel, etc. At Quémono we usually recommend them for  summer communions,  especially in very hot areas or for changing shoes during meals.

The dancers or girl’s ballerina flats are usually the most demanded communion shoes within the different possibilities that exist, because they are comfortable, elegant and fresh.

The ones we like and therefore we offer you on the website are the simple ones. In my opinion, for both boys and girls, the most elegant for communion is suede. In addition, they have the advantage of being very comfortable shoes for communion, as they are made of a softer leather. On the other hand, on the web you can find two models, the one with a ribbon that is tied to the ankle and the ballerinas with elastic bands in front. Both are designed for  take hold of the foot a little bit  in case they are a little baggy.

Communion ballerinas with ankle straps

When you choose a shoe for the communion day, many times you choose it well in advance. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a size that fits  more loose-fitting than tight-fitting,  in the worst case scenario, we will put an insole to give you a better fit, but they will not be tight and will not chafe.

In this case, the ankle strap will play its role of fastening. By supporting the ankle, even if it fits a little big, the foot will not slip out. We don’t usually raise the straps as in the Roman sandals, but we give the sandals  a loop at the ankle and knot it at the back with a ribbon.  I give you a tip so that the girl is not uncomfortable: make special emphasis on not tightening the ribbons too tightly around the ankle, what has to be very strong is the knot behind, which will be what makes the loop does not come undone.

On the other hand, if you choose ballerinas with ankle strap for communion, consider if you can remove it, because that way you can use it in other occasions. In the case of our ballerinas, they come with a grosgrain ribbon that you can remove or change for tulle ribbons or another type of ribbon.

In the case of our ballerinas, they come with a grosgrain ribbon that you can remove or change for tulle ribbons or another type of ribbon. They range from the simplest ones, in one color and without adornments, to bicolor ballerinas, with bows, tassels, studs, glitter, etc.

To conclude, our recommendation for choosing Communion shoes is to listen first to the child’s preferences[/] But it is also important to choose a model that you can continue to wear after the event; one that matches your wardrobe and that you can use on other occasions and even on a daily basis. After all, it is a pity that a few Communion slippers so beautiful that they can only be used that day and then be stored in a closet.

zapatos comunion niña verde agua
zapatos comunion niña verde agua
Linen accordion headband
Blouse grace
Pants Elena
Communion tulle sash
Aqua green leather shoes

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