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If you approach your daughter’s christening, I’m sure you are thinking about how to dress her so that the princess of the house looks shiny and perfect in that special family moment.

The clothing for infants to be baptized must have several characteristics: it must have that touch of elegance appropriate to any ceremony or celebration, it must be in keeping with a religious ceremony and it must reflect all the freshness, tenderness and simplicity that characterizes a newborn.

The most recommended options for dressing a baby girl for her baptism are the little dress or the baptism skirt, as you can see in this other article where we teach you royal christening looks of Quémono’s customers.

Tradition dictates that the child protagonist of a christening white and long. But nowadays we can allow ourselves certain variations without being out of tune with the environment and the moment.

What we must keep in mind is that, whether we choose a vstide for our daughter on her christening day, as if we opt for a child’s christening skirt, the baby should feel comfortable.

There is mistakes to avoid when choosing the dress for a ceremony like this one. The fabric of the garments should not be too thick so that our baby does not get too hot. The dresses and skirts for christenings composed with fabrics such as linen, silk, tulle and small embroideries are ideal for this type of occasions.

The skirt for our daughter on her christening day should be loose enough so that it does not squeeze and overwhelm the little one. Otherwise, our little one will cry, when what we want is for her to be calm and happy.

The underwear should match in style and color with the dress or skirt selected for the baptism.

Avoid overloading the little one’s look with too many ornaments. Avoid overloading the little one’s look with too many ornaments. Opt for light and pastel colors, never strident or too garish.

Whether we select a dress for baby girl’s christening, as if we decide for the skirt, An original touch can be given by a hood that can be placed on the head of the little one. The hoods look very cuteand are perfect to combine with these dresses, as they give that traditional air to the outfit.

Opt for personalized dresses and skirts for a baptism, handcrafted and exclusively for the small company. On the day of your christening everything should be created with the greatest possible care.

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