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Baptism and Baby Ceremony Tips

Skirts and christening gowns for christening in summer

More and more, and due to the temperatures, baptisms are celebrated in the warmer months, even if the baby takes more than 10 months to be baptized (something that would be unthinkable when we were baptized!!!). This is why the christening gowns and skirts are made in multiple sizes and different models, according to the age of the baby to be baptized (a 9-month-old baby would not fit and would look ridiculous in a christianar skirt lleno de puntillas y que llega casi hasta el suelo!!).christening gowns and skirts

In the summer skirts They can be sleeveless, sleeveless, half sleeve or long sleeve (as long as the fabric is thin). The most commonly used fabrics for the christening gowns, traditionally organza and silk, but more and more fabrics such as linen, batiste, tulle… are being introduced, which give the christening gowns a more modern look and at the same time look better on slightly older babies.

Lace and piping are a staple in the christening gowns, as well as the hoods and knickers, always made in the same fabrics as the christening skirt.

At Quémono we have created the christening collection to make our babies look beautiful on the day of their christening. With Quémono!’s simple and romantic touch, a wide variety of designs of christening skirts that you can combine with the fabrics and lace of your choice. In 3 sizes and with the length of your choice so that your baby looks different with a different christening gown precious on his first big day!

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