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It is approaching the time of the year when most of the events and ceremonies are held. The sun’s rays make the dreams of millions of couples who decide to celebrate their wedding with the arrival of good weather fly.

If this year you are one of the guests and you need to look for a wedding dress for your childThere are many options from which you can choose and with which your little one will undoubtedly be irresistible.

Within our spring-summer collection for children’s bridal gownsIn this section, you will find all the styles and garments of first quality, handmade and with a personal and unique touch so that the look of your little one is unmatched.

Although most children have common likes and dislikes such as playing, running, jumping and feeling comfortable and free, you should keep in mind that there are ages when they already have a strong personality. It is important that you take her into account and respect her preferences, so that she does not feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable with your company.l wedding dress selected.

If your child likes a more casual style, for example, the children’s ceremonial shirts rolled up sleeves are a great option to combine with Bermuda shorts. The final result will be very fresh, natural but with a touch of elegance, perfect for big ceremonial events. Light or tan tones will complete a refined yet youthful look that the little one will feel comfortable in.

This look can also allow you to take certain licenses with details such as the hairstyle. A slightly disheveled and tousled hair, can bring a very funny touch and that rebellious point with which the child will be delighted.

On the other hand, there are children’s wedding dresses that are perfect for those who like to be admired for their elegance. There are little dandies who love a compliment. For them, do not rule out the children’s blazer. Even the tie, in these cases, will be an ideal complement.

For the little ones, one option for children’s wedding dress for children under five years of age I love it, it’s the Tyrolean bermuda. A pair of shorts with suspenders, combined with a mao collar or sailor style shirt, will make your son the most endearing companion for a bride and groom.

If you are looking for that unique and personal detail that will make the child’s wedding dress, we offer you the side knotted sashes. There are linen ones, perfect for complementing the spring summer look for a child at a ceremony.

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