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Spring and summer are the seasons in which, traditionally, more weddings are celebrated. However, fall and winter celebrations have been gaining ground. More and more couples are choosing the cooler seasons to get married and make a difference on their wedding day.

Undoubtedly, a wedding celebrated in autumn or winter has a romantic and very special air. Soft colors, warm fabrics and cozy venues are the hallmarks of any wedding held at this time of year. If you have chosen these months to get married and you are looking for winter arras children who will accompany you in the wedding procession to dress according to the season, warm and ideal.  Don’t miss these tips! 

Ideas for wedding dresses for girls to fight the cold weather

When it comes to choosing the winter wedding dresses for girls, the first thing to consider is the style of your wedding. From there, knowing the colors and the air that you want to give to the ceremony, the task of finding the right winter wedding dresses sit will be much easier.

It is important that they are comfortable and warm girls’ wedding dresses. If the little one is comfortable with her look, she will enjoy the ceremony and will give you moments of spontaneity and fun that you will never forget.

Choose dresses made of thick fabrics, such as, for example, the fabric brocade. This beautiful fabric is cream colored and has a small relief, as you can see in this arras brocade dress. Another example of winter fabrics that our customers use a lot for winter ceremonies are velvets. The velvet is a particularly warm fabric for the coldest ceremonies. As you can see in the dress Martina is wearing below, the velvet ceremony dresses have a lot of presence simply because of the color of the fabric itself. That is why it is advisable to combine them with sashes or other white accessories.  Both brocade and velvet are a clear example of the type of fabrics that will be most suitable for girls to go warm and very pretty. 

Apart from winter fabrics, for ceremonies where we don’t want our children to wear warm clothes, we can opt for arras dresses of intermediate fabrics (neither as fresh as linen,  nor as warm as velvet) topped with accessories made of winter fabrics..  For example, in the picture below, you will see that Martina is wearing a french sleeve dress made in toile de jouy with a velvet sash. He topped it all off with a girl’s bolero also in velvet. The bolero is a very interesting coat for this case, because it is light and not as warm as a long coat.

Of course, if the occasion calls for it, don’t hesitate to put some warmer clothes on the girls. In this case, in the outfit we show you, Martina is wearing a This velvet ceremony coat is ideal with both the brocade dress that we have shown you (the one in the photos above) and the toile de jouy one (the dress in the photos below).

Finally, if you are not a dress type, you can also choose a look consisting of a skirt and a jacket. To prove it to you, we show you a beautiful pink corduroy set. This ensemble chosen by Martina consists of an pink corduroy jacket matching with a skirt with straps. This winter look will look super romantic as a bridal ensemble or as a guest look.

Warm wedding outfits for boys

In the case of children invited to winter weddings, the shirt and pants outfit is a very recurring theme. In this case, the pants can be made of velvet or a warm fabric, which in turn gives color to the outfit. The shirt, of course, long sleeve. For example, Eric wears the thousand stripes mao collar shirt (which we love, by the way) with a toasted brown velvet bermuda shorts a matching the color of the stripes on the shirt.  These shorts can even be worn to match the girl’s sash, creating two groundbreaking outfits. 

Of course, an arras child for a winter wedding needs a warm garment to complete your ensemble. Here we chose a military jacket to match the pants.

Another very interesting option in winter is to resort to the vests. Vests are a very useful garment for ceremonies in this season because, unlike a coat, the child can wear the vest throughout the ceremony. In addition, it protects the chest area from the cold, while cooling and giving more movement to the arms and armpits. In the case we are showing you, Eric is wearing a green corduroy vest to match the shorts, also in green corduroy. Under the vest, he wears a white mao collar ceremonial shirt. If the vest and pants are corduroy, the ideal is to combine them with a plain shirt, since corduroy already has stripes.

Again, we matched the look of the boy and the girl. This time, Eric and Martina are matching thanks to outfits made of the same main fabric but in different colors.

Capes and other accessories for children for winter weddings

 Accessories play a much more important role in autumn and winter weddings than in warmer seasons.  The bride can wear a stole, the guests can wear fur coats, and the guests can wear elegant scarves. In the same way, the arras children can also wear beautiful accessories that will give the look and the ceremony a touch of tenderness.

The most famous accessories used by young girls are, of course, the hair accessories. At Quémono we personally love the girls’ headbands and the tocado de ceremonia made with colored pompoms. These hair accessories are highly recommended for little girls, as they are very comfortable for them (they do not hurt their ears). But they will also be comfortable for you, because it is easier to do hairstyles with headbands, and with them it is easier to keep the hairstyle during the ceremony.

On the other hand, the velvet capes for girls are a perfect choice if you are looking to complete the look and make the little one a little warmer. As for the boys, velvet bow ties are another element that can transform the look of the courtship. You can choose the color of your choice. In this case, we have chosen the bow tie in gray velvet to match the girl’s cape, also in gray velvet.

Some of the warm fabrics and colors most commonly used in cold seasons

The trend this season is to choose subdued and muted colors. El marrón, el beige y el gris will be your great allies for the winter wedding dresses. If you want to risk a little more, go for blues, maroons and dry greens – guaranteed success!

As for the fabrics for winter wedding dresses, the most important thing is that the little ones are comfortable and warm. For this reason, do not hesitate to opt for thick fabrics such as the velvet, corduroy, cloth or any brocade fabric that is thick enough to protect the bridal party from the cold.

As you can see, the options you can find for children’s clothing for winter events are almost endless. You just have to keep in mind the style you want to give to your ceremony and, from there, start building the looks of the little ones that will make up the wedding procession.

Don’t forget that what makes a wedding procession made up of little page boys and girls special and endearing is the natural spontaneity of the children. This can only be achieved if the children are comfortable with their look. If you do not take into account this basic rule, the only thing you will get will be children complaining about itchy clothes, labels … and parents watching over them throughout the ceremony and celebration without them or their children being able to enjoy this beautiful day.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat and we will help you to find the ideal look for your wedding arras for winter weddings..

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