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Winter weddings are becoming more and more fashionable. Although we have spent a few years thinking that the perfect time to say “I do” was during the warmer months. It seems that winter weddings have finally regained the value they deserve and more and more couples are choosing the autumn and winter seasons to celebrate their wedding.

And there is no doubt that  there is something very special about winter weddings,  from the fabrics of the bride and groom’s and guests’ outfits, the homey and cozy environments to, of course, the flowers that decorate these ceremonies. All these details add an extra touch of romanticism to the celebration.

If you have chosen winter to get married and you need to know which are the most suitable flowers for this season and for the style you have decided to have your wedding, don’t stop reading!

Bridal bouquets for autumn-winter

If there is something we have to take into account when choosing the flowers that will compose a winter bridal bouquet, it is the flowers that will be used in the bouquet.  seasonal flowers.  Although it may seem to us that there are many more varieties of flowers in the warmer months, the reality is that in winter we also have a wide range of the most beautiful seasonal flowers to choose from.

 Tulips are the quintessential winter flowers.,  their intense colors resist the lowest temperatures and are the queen of any winter floral arrangement. In addition, when they open completely, they are reminiscent of Peonies, flowers that are not in season and are often in great demand for bridal bouquets.

winter flowers tulips Quemono

  Las Veronicas   or Succulents are also ideal flowers to create bouquets for winter weddings without having anything to envy to the bouquets we see in spring and summer.

Fall-winter floral decoration for church

Whether you are getting married in a church or you are celebrating your wedding in another place, the decoration of the space is extremely important. For this reason, the flowers you choose for your winter wedding should be in keeping with the season and the style you have chosen that will set the tone for your wedding.  happiest day of your life. 

floral decoration for church

You can adapt the varieties that we have proposed to you when you create your bouquet to decorate also the place of your wedding. But we are going to propose two ways to give your winter wedding a cozy and homey touch that will make you and your guests feel at home.

The first option we offer you is to choose the  dried flowers,  without a doubt a very original way to decorate any space and very appropriate for this time of the year. They are flowers that, obviously, will last perfect as long as the celebration lasts and that are also very beautiful and economical, can you ask for more?

Another option is to go for all kinds of plants that are typical of the colder months. The  pine needles , holly, berries or pine cones can give your winter wedding a rustic and colorful touch.

After knowing the many floral options you can choose from for your winter wedding, all you have to do now is make sure that your groomsmen’s outfits match the style of the ceremony and… you’ve got the perfect wedding dress. perfect wedding!

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