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The children’s footwear must meet certain requirements to make children feel comfortable. And this does not have to be at odds with elegance and beauty.

The functionality of a children’s footwear and the beauty of good design are compatible.

In the case of the children’s shoes for ceremonies, this takes on great importance. These are special days in which our sons and daughters are the protagonists. They should look radiant on their day and it is essential that they do not feel uncomfortable with uncomfortable shoes that squeeze them, that give them heat, that are not very flexible and that, in short, do not allow them to move freely and enjoy themselves.

Children are restless, full of energy and need to run, play and interact with other children their age. Children need to feel freedom of movement. A children’s footwear inappropriate can restrict that freedom and generate anger.

At Quémono we have a unique children’s footwear collection and exclusive. The quality of the materials used, which are designed to offer lightness and freshness in summer, or the necessary warmth and flexibility in winter, stands out. Thus, the girls qose who are going to receive their first communion or who are going to attend an elegant ceremony, whatever it may be, may find their ideal communion shoe in our catalog.

The dancers are the children’s shoe star for the little ones in the house. They are comfortable and can be made with quality leather or with fresher materials, if desired: shantung, linen, with glitter ornaments, with tulle embroidery, with bows … The variety of styles and colors is enormous, as much as tastes or dresses exist, because in Qué we elaborate the children’s footwear and we personalize it to make it exclusive.

It is important that the sole is resistant so that the footwear can support all the movements of the restless little ones in the house. For this reason, the sole should ideally be made of resistant leather, such as the ones made at

In any ceremony, whether it is a wedding or a communion, the children’s footwear your child can stand out and be unique. In addition, its simplicity combined with the elegance and freshness of its design, makes of our girl’s dancers, the perfect footwear to be reused later in the day-to-day life of the child.

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