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The recommended suits and ceremony dresses for your summer wedding.

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How to choose the wedding dresses for the pageboys at your wedding? The following are a series of ceremonial dresses with which you will take the pages more beautiful….

  • White wedding dressesThe most classic and with which you never fail. Made of materials such as organza, linen, ottoman, Egyptian cotton, tulle, batik, plumetis …. and accompanied by sashes giving a touch of color. The girls’ wedding dresses are usually of simple lines, with a cut between the chest and the waist, with a gathered skirt, and half sleeves…. the models of arras Rita, Olivia, Donna and Natalie, are perfect for wearing those white wedding dresses with a touch of color, which will make them unique. To these white bridal gowns, you can add color with a diadema de ceremonia y arrasceremony and arras tiara. As for the children, both pants and mao shirts in white and with a touch of color on the sash….perfectly matched with the ladies for the ceremony!!
  • Color wedding dresses, if you want the arras children call the attention, go different but always being beautiful and perfectly matched, choose fabrics such as linen or pique that have beautiful colors….red, green, camel, blue, chocolate….are perfect in the wedding dresses by Quémono! As in the models Ingrid, Donna, Ariada, Katherine…. plays with printed fabrics that combine, with tulle, lace, picunelles….and creates a unique wedding dress!! The children, once they have chosen the girl’s ceremony dressWe combined them with matching, colored pants and white mao shirt, with a printed fabric sash….result? You will be wearing arras children that no one will forget!!!

In case you live in a cold area or if they have air conditioning where you are holding the event, you can bring some warm clothes. Not so much! In those cases, choose a jacket made of cool fabrics, like this one. water green linen bolero.

In Quémono we advise you according to your style and the type of wedding you are organizing (in the countryside, city, day, evening, summer or winter, ibizenca…) of the multiple options to dress the arras children. Come to our showroom and there you will be able to choose between multiple models and a great variety of high quality fabrics. pages beautiful and just the way you want it.

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