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Bohemian style in bridesmaid dresses is an original option that breaks with classicism and brings a different, fresher and more modern touch to any wedding. Summer and summer fabrics lend themselves to give that boho chic touch to your wedding.

Girls are particularly captivating with thebohemian style party dresses for girlsin fabrics such as linen, batistas, plumeti…mixed with tulle…all in white and earth tones. It is a very chic style that never goes out of fashion and surrounds any event with a halo of mystery and fantasy.

There are many types of bohemian wedding dresses among which you can choose: elbow sleeves, straps, short sleeves, flared sleeves, empire cut, long skirt to the feet… they are usually very vaporous and fresh dresses.

You can complete the styling of the little ones by using accessories. A hairstyle according to the bohemian style such as loose hair adorned with a crown of small flowers usually works very well. Braids or updos with loose and “tousled” locks, very natural, are also a good option. On the feet, a pair of comfortable and simple ballerinas or sandals that match the color and style of the dress. And to finish off the bohemian look, how about some small wicker baskets with the rings, or a few sprigs of wild flowers or lavender for example?

For the boys accompanying the procession, wear mao shirts on the outside and rolled up sleeves….abuse of linen and light colors…espadrilles or a straw hat will give them a fun and casual touch in keeping with the girls they are accompanying.

If you want to get away from the classicism of traditional weddings and bring a touch of modernity and unique distinction to your ceremony, do not hesitate, the bohemian wedding dresses will undoubtedly be one of the best options to find that detail that will make your wedding an exclusive event.

Romanticism and fantasy will be guaranteed at any time of the year. bohemian style wedding.

Have you already thought about how the bohemian wedding dress with bohemian air and accessories for the girls who will accompany you on the most important day of your life?

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