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Beach weddings tend to be more casual weddings than the rest. The heat of the same make it difficult to choose a suitable wedding dress or ceremony, as we can make the mistake of putting the kids in a wedding dress as if they were going to the beach or on the contrary, dress them with a ceremony dress too dressed up for the type of event.

Generally the fabrics we use in garments during the summer months are more casual, and the same is true for the fabrics we use in ceremonial gowns. Linens and cottons are the most used, but accompanying them with the right complement, we can have a perfect ceremony or arras dress.

We give you some ideas to make the little ones look beautiful and in accordance with a beach wedding…

Beach weddings are usually associated with hippie and Ibiza vibes… why not take our guests to a beach wedding? Children in wedding dresses linen or white linen and embroidery? An all-white look, besides giving a hippie and very beach look, can be elegant if accompanied with a sash, lace or trim in earth color. You can choose a dress for girl with details to match her brother’s look. As for the hairstyle, you have infinite possibilities. You can braid it with a wreath of dried flowers, o el pelo suelto con un flower headdress.

Children with their tousled hair will add a fun and childish touch to their all-white costume.

Another idea, very fashionable and more daring, is to dress the arras girls with dresses combined with white tulle, they will have a more formal touch, but keeping the white color in their ceremony dresses, and some casual hairstyle, sure you will succeed!

But not all beach weddings are hippie and Ibiza style and not only white is the color for weddings on the beach…. what about a more intense color that we identify with the sea? Our proposal is blue, or bluish. It is a color that can give a more formal and ceremonious air to the ceremony dresses of the kids, and cut fully with the Ibizan touch we were talking about.

A blue linen dress, with white lace, will be ideal for girls’ ceremony dresses. They can be combined with a white mao shirt and a blue pirate.

In the girls’ hair, a headdress in the same blue as the dress will give them a sophisticated and very elegant touch. In addition, a pair of ballerinas, made with the same fabric as the suit, will be the ideal complement for a perfect ceremonial look.

Are you having a beach wedding this summer and don’t know how to dress the little ones? Call us and we will be happy to advise you and create the most beautiful and appropriate ceremony dresses for your wedding.

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