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Weddings: children yes or no, doubts about whether or not to invite children?

The work-life balance debate is not only present in the workplace, but also affects the issue of parents’ leisure time. If you’ve stumbled across this article, you’re probably organizing your wedding guest list and when you reach out to those friends with children, the question of whether to invite children to a wedding has come up.

Well, read on because we are going to analyze the pros and cons of inviting or not inviting children to your wedding. Will you join us?

Children wedding page boys

Children can play a very important role in the wedding, especially at the beginning of the ceremony. Wedding pages are a figure that has been present at weddings since the Middle Ages. and which is still intact today.

It is true that years ago the pageboys helped the bride with her dress so that she could move more comfortably,  today, pages play a less practical role  They are therefore not a totally indispensable figure.

You can choose to have the rings or arras carried by the groomsmen of the wedding and this way, you won’t have that pressure for the little ones to come to your wedding if you think they won’t quite fit in.

Should I invite my friends and their children? Weddings: children yes or no

Of course this is an absolutely personal choice, but we assume that if you are reading this is that you are considering having your wedding exclusively for adults.

Inviting children to the wedding can be the best choice as long as there is some space or activity within the event dedicated to their leisure and enjoyment.  A children’s corner with storytelling, face painting and different games.  will delight your youngest guests but also their parents, who will be able to enjoy the wedding without worrying about how their little ones are behaving.

Of course, choosing a child-friendly menu is also something to keep in mind if you have finally decided to have them accompany you on your day. Bringing them together to  all at the same table with their favorite food and a person specialized in care and entertainment  The children’s wedding will make both parents and children enjoy your wedding day.

But if after knowing all the options you have to make the little ones attend your wedding you are still not convinced of the idea. You just need to know  how not to invite children to a wedding and not lose your friendships in the process

You must explain to those parents that you want to attend your wedding the fact that the event will be focused on adults and that there will not be any activity in which children can participate or be entertained, so for their comfort and that of the parents themselves it will be better that the kids stay at home so that  adults and children can enjoy the day. 

We know that taking this step may be a little difficult for you, but once you make them see that your wedding day will serve them as an opportunity for  disconnect  and spend a day free of cartoon movies and nursery rhymes, they will prove you right.

Now that you know the different reasons why to invite or not to invite children to your wedding, you just have to decide and go ahead with the preparations for your big day. It’s getting closer!

What decision would you make now? Bodas: niños sí o no

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