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What suits or dresses to put on your children for a special celebration?

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Many times we don’t know how to dress our children for the special celebrations, a wedding, a communion, a christening…

The best solution is for them to go comfortably to the wedding with girl’s dresses or as a child. They should be a little more dressed up than usual, but they don’t need to wear gala dresses, shiny fabrics, or impossible designs that are shocking for children and look unnatural on them (how many times have we seen children at a wedding taking off jackets, shoes…because they are uncomfortable!!!).

Ceremony dresses for children in spring-summer.

For summer, fabrics such as linen, cotton, batiste, piqué and colors such as white, red, green, beige and blue or floral prints will be a success in children’s ceremonial dresses or special celebrations that take place at this time of the year.

For girls, look for a french sleeve ceremony dress, This way they won’t need to wear a little jacket. Do not hesitate to combine with the same fabrics for your children. Shorts or pirates for older children or shorts for younger children in pique, cotton, gabardine, linen…with shirts with mao collars, either long or half sleeves, with little jackets in the same fabrics.

Ceremony dresses for children in autumn-winter.

For winter, fabrics such as velvet, micro-cloth, cloth, cotton in more sober colors such as gray, beige, burgundy, chocolate brown, combined with white are the most common colors for winter ceremonial dresses.

For girls, look for long sleeve or short sleeve ceremony dresses combined with a knitted cardigan to match the tights or tights. You can finish off the outfit with warm garments such as, for example, this precious girl’s fur bolero. For children, long or short pants, with fabric jackets that give them a more formal look. In this case, make sure that the fabric is warm. A very nice outfit for the children in the winter can be this one pink corduroy shorts or green to match the vest in the same fabric and color.

To give a more elegant touch, put headbands, hairpins, ribbons … combined with the same fabrics as their dresses, in this way and with a small detail on their heads, they will be much more elegant. For example, this headband handkerchief is a hair accessory that looks great with this white wedding dress, also in brocade.

Ah! Ah!

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