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The time prior to the communion of a boy or girl is a very beautiful time when the little ones want to join us in the planning of all the details. Where to celebrate, what suit o dresses will wear, what will be their invitations… They know that on that day they will be the center of attention and attention and that they will also receive many surprises from their parents and guests. That’s why we seniors want to get it right. And you, would you know what to give for a Communion?

When it comes to thinking about the First Communion giftsIn addition, a clear distinction must be made between traditional gifts, intended as a memory that the child will have of this special day for the rest of his or her life, and the more modern ones, more intended for the little ones to enjoy and have a good time with them.

Before breaking down the possible Communion gifts (or the most common) we have to advise you that if you are the guests, before you start looking for a budget to avoid surprises. In addition, the degree of kinship with the child or closeness to the family is also important. As certain disbursements may be inappropriate if contact with the child is too distant, as well as the reverse.

If you are a parent, gently ask your guests if they are planning to make a Communion gift and, if so, comment on the children’s tastes or preferences they have already shown. Ideally, you should make a list of gifts and distribute them among those attending the big day, although if this is not done correctly, it can be violent for the guests.

Traditional Communion Gifts

These details are the ones most closely linked to the Sacrament itself. They are usually a small gift from close family members to accompany another gift. The must-haves in this category are a rosary, a cross or a medal to wear on a chain, an alms box, a prayer book and a reminder book to write down what happened that day.

Classic Communion Gifts

Year after year, there are a number of items that are repeated like gifts for communions. And companies and brands know it, creating specific collections for this special day.

Watches: unisex, for him and for her. Watches are one of the most common gifts and appreciated in a communion. In addition, the firms launch special models to give as gifts adapted to the tastes of the little ones. Viceroy, Flik Flak, Lotus, Swatch… They all have super interesting proposals for all budgets.

Slaves: for them and for them. Slaves are also a regular feature of the Slaves are also a regular feature of the. In addition, this field also includes junior earrings, which are often given as a gift to little girls.

First Communion Nancy: And if we talk about special gifts for them, you can not miss the Nancy. This popular Famosa doll has been evolving its aesthetics in recent years and, nevertheless, it maintains its model for First Communion practically the same as the first day, changing only the dress she wears, always fashionable.

One bicycle: A bicycle is one of those gifts that parents look forward to giving at the most special moments in their children’s lives, and Communion is one of them. Mountain, road, touring… your choice depends on the use your children will make of them. Stores such as El Corte Inglés or Decathlon have a wide variety to choose from with models that the little ones will love. If you prefer, you can also opt for a fun scooter for the kids to enjoy riding through the streets.

Camera: many children get their first camera on the day of his Communion. Of these, the Fujifilm Instax camera stands out today, ergonomic and with designs adapted to the tastes of children.

New trends

Tecnología punta: a Children love new technologies and, on more than one occasion, they are better at using them than older children. An mp3 player, a smart watch, a Tablet… They will be delighted with this gift, but then they will have to be configured to monitor their use.

Let them put their skills to the test: robotics games, video game consoles, child-friendly drones, laboratory games, constructions and, of course, the Lego Millennium Falcon. With these “toys” your children will not only enjoy themselves, but also put their minds and skills to the test.

A special recommendation…

Finally, a very special gift for children is the company of his family, as well as spending time with them. Therefore, an original gift that they will appreciate when they enjoy it is a family experience such as those offered by Family*s box and Kiddy*s box or Wonderbox.

In the months leading up to the day of Communion, children will have already expressed their preferences. Listen to them; it is the only way to ensure a unique gift. On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to get to know the child well, leave formalities aside and give him something that will surprise him, but that you know he will never forget.

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