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Since baptisms are usually held within a few months of the baby’s birth, they are often celebrated at winter. In fact, unlike weddings and communions (which are organized to concentrate them in spring and summer), baptisms occur throughout the year with more or less the same regularity.

In this article we give you some tips for dressing a baby for a winter christening.  In just a few minutes, you’ll know how to dress your baby beautifully without forgetting to keep him warm. 

Ideas for winter christening outfits

Although, a priori, it may seem that the possibilities to dress your baby on the day of his or her christening are limited, the truth is that there are many options: from the most classic and formal outfits to the most formal ones. modern christening clothes and casual. In this article we focus on christening gowns specific for winter. However, if you are looking to dress your baby for a christening, we recommend you not only to take ideas from winter christenings, but also from real christenings. For that, in this other article we teach you how to dress your baby in christening gowns through photos of real christenings of Quémono’s clients. a través de fotos de bautizos reales de clientes de Quémono. Don’t miss it!

 The nice thing about winter christenings is that we play with other fabrics and colors different from those used in summer christenings. . Thanks to the cold, we will use a little thicker fabrics such as velvet: a soft and delicate fabric with which your little one will be the warmest in his day. Other thick fabrics you can use are brocade or cloth. If you prefer, you can also use intermediate fabrics such as toile de jouy. These fabrics will allow you to make the most beautiful and varied garments for babies to feel comfortable on their big day. Want to know all the options? Don’t miss any detail!

Christening skirts

The christening skirts are a classic. So much so, that in some cases the skirts are passed down from generation to generation and can acquire great sentimental value. However, even though christening skirts are used in both winter and summer, there are some things to be careful about.  If you try to reuse a skirt that (unknowingly) is a summer skirt, your child may be cold. .

The christening skirts in winter are usually made of slightly warmer fabrics such as the cotton. Avoid linen; it is a very cool fabric especially for summer. As for the sleeves If you have a skirt, try to choose a design that has elbow-length sleeves or even long sleeves. The sleeve will certainly not be left over during the event and, if you don’t include it in the outfit, you might miss it. Another option, however, would be to choose a skirt with short sleeves as long as you can cover the arms with an extra garment.

Regardless of whether she wears short sleeves or long sleeves, if you want to make sure she doesn’t get cold, don’t forget to wear a bolero or a jacket. These coat accessories can be worn to match the sash or other accessories, to create a harmonious ensemble. The last thing we have left is our head! If you want to protect it, you can use a hood made of a warm fabric. Discard the plumeti tulle hoods or simple tulle without lining and linen! If you want to know more about the skirts, you can read this other article on the tipos de faldones de bautizo y trajes de cristianar.

Una alternativa para las niñas: los vestidos de bautizo

 Los vestidos de corte bebé quedan especialmente bien si buscas trajes de bautizo para niña algo más desenfadados . Besides, the good thing about using a dress like this for a christening is that you can use it for other occasions by changing (or removing) some accessories. It never hurts to have a cute dress to go with baby to a silver wedding, an important birthday, etc. On the downside, though, babies grow very fast and the dress won’t hold up very well.

Baby cut dresses are a little shorter than normal dresses so that the baby girl can walk and crawl without problems (we recommend, therefore, that you use tights to keep her legs warm). For this option, we want to show you two dresses that we love:

The first is the white dress Dani. This dress is made of brocade fabric, an intermediate fabric, which is not as warm as velvet, nor as light as linen. The dress has piculines as a detail both on the sleeves and on the neckline. The color of the piculines can be chosen to match the sash, the diaper cover and other accessories. In addition, the dress has a matching hood that makes the outfit look especially pretty. In addition, if you want to take her sister to match, you have the same brocade ceremony dress for older girls.

If you’re looking for something even more wintry, choose a dress in a warmer fabric, such as the Carolita gray velvet dress: un design created especially for winter. The dress is super soft, and has a ruffle at the neckline that makes it a very special garment. As with the previous dress, if you want to wear her sister to match, the Carola gray velvet dress is the best option.


Little jumpsuits are a slightly less dressy alternative to baby cut dresses. However, they are super comfortable garments for the smallest babies as well as for daddies. And why do we say for daddies? Because when it comes to changing the baby’s diaper, since the dress is open in the back, it is not an obstacle. As in the case of baby cut dresses, the good thing about jesusitos is that you can use them for other occasions such as, for example, to visit grandparents on the weekend.

We recommend combining the jumpsuit with warm tights and a long-sleeved shirt to keep your little girl warm. In the photo, Maria is wearing a jesus in toasted brown velvet matching the hood, and a toile de jouy long sleeve shirt a juego con el cubrepañal.

An alternative for children: christening rompers

As well as baby cut dresses and jesusitos, christening gowns are a more casual option than skirts. The good thing is that these christening gowns can also be reused to dress children on other occasions.

These garments cover the entire body and leave the legs and arms visible, which gives the child greater mobility. In winter, in addition to being made with warmer fabrics, they are worn with a shirt underneath, which makes them a super warm option for a winter christening. On the other hand, it is advisable to combine them with warm tights in cold weather to keep the legs warm.

Baby accessories for winter christenings

In order to complete the baby’s christening outfit, there are three main accessories: the hoods, the overalls, and the sashes. However, in winter, there is one new accessory that plays an important role: the boleros.

The hoods are a classic accessory for christenings. In addition to covering your baby’s head until the moment of baptism, this accessory can protect your baby’s head from the cold. On the other hand, the diaper covers cover your baby’s diaper, unifying the look. Undoubtedly, it is an indispensable accessory to give that more formal touch to your little one’s winter christening outfit. You wouldn’t want his diaper to show at a time like this, would you? Finally, the sashes are bows for dresses and skirts that bring a lot of elegance if you want to go a little further. A special accessory for a special occasion.

Keep in mind that only by choosing these three accessories in the right way you can give your outfit the winter touch you were looking for. For example, even if the christening skirt is not specifically for winter (assuming we do not want to wrap the little one especially warm), we can get a winter touch with a collar, a sash, and a hood, all made in a velvet of the same color.

Finally,  boleros should not be forgotten! What better accessory for a winter christening?  It is a very useful accessory for this season, as it allows us to take it off or put it on depending on whether the baby is hot or cold, what flexibility!

As you can see, the range of possibilities when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for your baby’s christening is immense. We suggest you to enjoy every moment of the process of building your baby’s look so that you can savor with him these unrepeatable moments and, above all, so that on the day of the celebration of his christening your baby’s outfit will be the most special of all. Write to us, tell us what ideas you have, and let us advise you to get the perfect christening look. Which style do you like the most?

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