Boy baptism

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Boy Christening Clothes

When we baptize a child who already walks and stands up, we need to find a christening suit for a baby boy, the skirts that do not allow them to walk are no longer worth it. The natural alternatives to the christening gown by age are usually the christening rompers. Another option that we can value is that of the baby boy baptism outfits, sets for boys made up of a shirt and shorts, bloomers or dungarees. Read more

In Quémono a wide range of baptismal clothes for boys, from simpler options to more ornate ones. The key to getting it right is to choose christening suits made in Spain of natural fabrics and pastel colors. With these premises you will get the perfect outfit for a boy’s baptism.

Christening suits for boy

On many occasions we have doubts about how to dress a boy with baptism clothes. One of the most common questions is what dictates the protocol to dress a baby boy for his baptism. Well, although it is true that the most traditional thing is to order a gown, it is becoming less frequent and of course there is no rule that says that it should be so. That is to say, we can dress our baby boy for baptism with suits of any kind as long as they are arranged to live up to the situation.

The most common options, which we detail below, are the romper and the shirt and pants (or bloomers) sets. The normal thing is that the base of these outfits is white, although this is also a more traditional issue than mandatory. For example, a white shirt with beige shorts can be a good option, like our Leon shirt with the Tyrolean bloomers in tan linen or with the baby-cut Bermuda shorts in the same colour. Another very nice option for christening clothes for boys is that of white linen rompers or rompers with details in any of our pastel colors (since they are small details, they admit more or less any color). Sometimes, to create more traditional baptismal outfits for boys, you prefer to choose these details or the color of all the garments in white. No problem! We can create entirely white christening boy suit sets without any problem. These options that we have just detailed are perfect if you are looking for baptism clothes for a 2-year-old boy.

To opt for modern christening suits for boys, you can also choose a full linen romper in some color or overalls with a white shirt. These options are very nice too. It is interesting to study these options for matching christening outfits for twins, since you can combine them with some girls’ dresses and they will be very harmonic.

Boy’s christening rompers

An intermediate between the more street child outfits and the christening skirts is that of the christening rompers. The christening rompers are very good options for boys baptize because although they are not skirts, they are whole white and have lace. In Quémono you can find christening rompers made by hand with natural fabrics and adorned with lace, such as jade or simple with matching trims like the Hansel in white.

If you choose a christening romper, you can also opt for a matching baptism hood. These suits for baptism tend to form more traditional sets, in terms of protocol and design. For this reason we design christening bonnets to match the child’s christening clothes. I tell you more about christening bonnets in the text below, about how to choose it and why putting a bonnet on a boy at his christening.

Christening suits for modern boys

In recent years, the most modern baptismal outfits for boys today are usually made of natural fabrics, such as linen. The irregular and fresh weft of the linen fabric gives the baptism outfits a very modern air. The most modern dads have been looking for simpler and purer lines for their boy´s baptism outfits for a few years now. Christenings are sometimes a bit of a corseted act, however, with modern christening suits for boys you can make the event much more informal. In the end, the important thing about a boy´s baptism is its admission into the Christian community. And in this sacrament the clothes must have the right importance.

Christening accessories for boy

Once we have chosen the boy´s baptismal outfit, it is important to pay attention to the accessories. For this, we must first consider the time of year. Will it be cold or hot? Based on that, we will logically choose the baptism accessories.

Christening jackets for boys

To keep the child warm on the day of the baptism and especially considering that it is usually cooler in churches, we recommend the baptism boleros, which can be worn with rompers and can be made in velvet, gabardine or linen. Another option is the Bosco and Leo jackets, modern christening jackets, which can also be made in the same materials and are more appropriate for christening suits made up of shorts or bloomers. The choice of fabric will depend on the time of year, velvet being warmer and linen cooler.

Christening bonnets for boys

On the other hand, there are the christening bonnets for baby boys, very useful to cover the little ones’ ears after they get their head wet. Since we are in a cold place where we are going to wet his ears, it is advisable to get a christening bonnet or one made of colored linen, to cover the head after having spilled water on it.

Shoes and socks for boy for christening

For the little legs, we can add socks or tights. There is a wide variety of leotards on the market, from plain to openwork to ribbed. They are very practical so that the baby is warm. We recommend choosing them in a color combined with the boy´s baptism outfit, but trying not to match the color, but rather choose something darker.

To give it an original touch or even a touch of color in the case of white baptismal outfits, a very good option is the baptismal sashes. You can tie a bow on the back or if you prefer you can make a Japanese type bow on the front that does not have bows, to make it more masculine.

Finally, to finish off the outfit of christening clothes for a boy, we have the shoes. The christening shoes for babies are the icing on the cake of our christening outfit. In soft white fur, they are perfect for finishing off a baptism outfit.