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Children’s deposit suits for weddings

Are you looking for how to dress children for your wedding and you don’t know how to do it? Yes, we know, it is much easier to find variety in flower girl’s dresses as a child. For this reason, at Quémono we have designed a series of garments so that boys can also be handsome at a wedding and it will be more or less easy for you to find ring bearer’s clothing.

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If you don’t know what prom dresses for children are like, take a look at this section. You will be able to find clothes that will also serve you for other occasions, because they are not the classic wedding boy’s suits.

The objective? Let the whole world melt when they see the little wedding pages. Attention, we are going to tell you the secret of earnest money children’s clothing.

What ceremony clothes for children will I find?

In this category you can find cheap boy suits for weddings. Our value for money is one of the best, but you can also find everything you need to dress the children as a deposit for a wedding. From linen shirts, to children’s sashes, children’s bow ties, ceremony shorts, etc… Garments in different fabrics such as linen or silk, for less formal or more arranged styles.

You can choose the color of the accessories that you like the most or you can combine the boy’s outfit with the clothes of the girls who are part of the wedding pageant procession. Normally, the children of the wedding deposit match each other and sometimes all of them are also combined with the theme color of the wedding. Sometimes the girls wear the sash or skirt in the chosen color and the rest of the clothes in white. As for the earnest money for children, it usually has a touch of color in linen pants. That is the most common, however, sometimes they only wear the color in the sash (tied or closed with brackets) or in other ceremony children’s accessories such as a vest, a tie or a bow tie.

Earlier suits made in Spain

All Quémono garments are manufactured in Spain. It is a very careful selection process for both workshops and labor to guarantee that the product always meets our quality controls.

Specifically, both design and manufacturing are done in Madrid. The making of our garments is done one by one, by hand, by experienced dressmakers. For us it is very important that what you send us (whether in the online purchase process or in the showroom) reaches the seamstresses directly, with the least possible intermediaries.

We want that when you receive the package, the clothes exceed your initial expectations, only in this way can we guarantee that you will enjoy seeing them dressed so beautifully for the occasion.

Styles for wedding pages

At Quémono we think that the children’s wedding outfits should be children’s, it is say, that children should look like children. That is why we dress the right kids, we do not intend to make clothes for adults adapted to small sizes. This for us is a maxim, from here, we can talk about different styles to dress children at weddings.

For the older ones, depending on the degree of formality of the children at the wedding, you can find different styles. For example, for an informal wedding look, one of the outfits we recommend is Bermuda shorts combined with a mandarin collar linen shirt on the outside. For a more dressed-up wedding, it is more common to wear a linen suit jacket. Finally, for a more modern wedding, the boy’s outfit with a vest and bow tie is very fashionable.

For the little ones, you will find shorts, linen rompers, or bloomers with straps so they don’t fall off when they run or play. Much of the clothing can be chosen to match the older ones. Call us and we will advise you on your choice of arras suits for children for weddings.