Overalls in linen

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Kid’s dungarees made of colored linen. The dungarees have two straps that cross in the back. These straps are fastened with buttons and have two heights (you can see it well in the sixth photo) so you can adjust the length. They come with adjustable elastic at the waistband of the pants to make it a little narrower. The dungarees open with two mother-of-pearl buttons on the side. It also looks cute with a twist at the bottom!

(¡Psst! Alex wears the dungarees in aqua green color with a white mao collar shirt, to match the dress of his sister. In the second set, Alex wears the dungarees in gray with the same mao collar shirt and a children’s military jacket to match the bib and brace. Lastly, Pablo wears the dungarees in aqua green, while Fernando wears them in nude pink complementing the girl’s dungarees which is carried by his sister)

Linen dungarees Size Guide

Size Waist circumference Hip Contour Bermuda shorts length
1 year 49 cm 54 cm 21 cm
2 year 52 cm 58 cm 23 cm
3 year 55 cm 62 cm 25 cm
4 year 58 cm 64 cm 28 cm
5 year 601 cm 67 cm 29 cm
6 years 64 cm 70 cm 31 cm
8 years 68 cm 74 cm 33 cm
10 years 72 cm 79 cm 35 cm
12 years 76 cm 83 cm 38 cm
14 years 80 cm 88 cm 41 cm
16 years old 84 cm 92 cm 43 cm
18 años* 88 cm 96 cm 45 cm

Keep in mind

*The size 18 years is a special size in some models, write us to ask for availability in the model you need.

The measurements are of the garment contour, the body measurements should be between 2 and 4 smaller so that the garment does not fit too tightly.

Do you have doubts about how to measure? See ourmeasuring instructions

What about colors? Here is a picture of some Elsa and Anna ceremonial bulletins and the color match (but note that the color will look different depending on the screen).

White linen
Toasted flax
Linen Nude
Powdered pink linen
Lino Coral
Green linen Water
Gray linen
Linen Slate
Rustic linen

Additional information

Manufacturing time

Three weeks

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